How Do You Say My Family In Hawaiian

What does Ohana mean Hawaiian?

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What does Ohana Keiki mean?

Ohana Over Everything logo on Charcoal Baby Onesie. ‘Ohana’ means ‘Family’ in Hawaiian. As Lilo taught us, ‘Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten’. Family is defined in many ways. Of course, we mean your spouse, kids, parents and siblings along with extended relatives.

What does olelo mean in Hawaiian?

ʻōlelo / ʻō. lelo / Pukui-Elbert Haw to Eng , nvt., Language, speech, word, quotation, statement, utterance, term, tidings; to speak, say, state, talk, mention, quote, converse, tell; oral, verbatim, verbal, motion (in early House of Nobles regulations).

What does Moki mean in Hawaiian?

Moki means God is good in hawaiian and Deer in Native American.

What does Hanai family mean?

Hānai is a term used in the Hawaiian culture that refers to the informal adoption of one person by another. It can be used as an adjective, such as “hānai child”, or as a verb “to hānai” someone into the family.

What does OHA mean in Hawaiian?

Affection, love, greeting; to greet, show joyous affection or friendship, joy.

How do you say home in Hawaii?

Hale means house or home. (Haleakala means house of the sun.)

What is a keiki Hawaiian?

1. nvi., Child, offspring, descendant, progeny, boy, youngster, son, lad, nephew, son of a dear friend; calf, colt, kid, cub; worker; shoot or sucker, as of taro; to have or obtain a child; to be or become a child. Examples: Kāu keiki, your son.

What does the Hawaiian word kupuna mean?

Kūpuna means grandparent, ancestor, and/or honored elder. In the Hawaiian culture, kūpuna were highly respected and seen as an important link as keepers of ancestral knowledge.

What kuleana means?

—In modern times, kuleana often refers to a small land claim inside another’s land, that is, a reserved right in favor of some claimant; the original term was synonymous with lihi, an attached piece of land which another was allowed to cultivate and had some claim to.