How Do You Know If Michael Kors Sunglasses Are Authentic

Do Michael Kors glasses say Made in China?

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How do you authenticate sunglasses?

Look for the designer logo or name on the retail box. You’ll usually also find manufacturer information, and a barcode (or serial code). Double check these with the details in the accompanying brochure and on the sunglasses frame.

Where are Michael Kors glasses frames made?

All Michael Kors glasses are made at Luxottica’s specialty facilities in China.

Who makes Michael Kors frames?

Luxottica will produce eyewear for both the Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors lines, beginning with Spring 2015.

How can you tell if sunglass lenses are polarized?

Look at a bright, reflective light source (e.g., glass, water, or polished metal) with your shades on. If the light increases in intensity when you tilt your head sideways to around 60 degrees, you’re wearing polarized sunglasses. If there’s no change in quality, they’re just tinted.

How can you tell if police sunglasses are fake?

Look At The Logo Ray-Ban for example have a printed logo on the left lens and the initials RB etched into the other whereas brands such as Serengeti and TagHeuer display a logo on one lens. Police eyewear have no logo on the lens so you will have to rely on the logo on the packaging or sunglasses temple.

What are Michael Kors glasses made of?

Michael Kors eyeglasses frames are available in plastic and metal, as well as in a large number of shapes — including aviator, cat-eye, round and square — and colors, including: Black.

Is Frames Direct Legit?

FramesDirect has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since April 2011, and they currently hold an A+ rating from the organization. The company averages over 4 out of 5 stars, with 393 customer reviews. Trustpilot reveals similar positive reviews for FramesDirect.

How much do Gucci glasses cost?

Gucci eyeglasses start around $250 for a single vision prescription and go up to about $800 with a progressive prescription and add-ons like Transitions® lenses and other coatings. On average, you can expect to pay around $450 for a pair of Gucci eyeglasses with prescription lenses and a few add-ons.

How much does Versace glasses cost?

The price of a pair of Versace eyeglasses varies based on frame style and lens specifications. Prices start around $175 and can go as high as $650 or more for a premium pair with high-end features.