How Do Yeti Tumblers Work

Do Yeti tumblers stop working?

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How long does a Yeti tumbler stay cold?

Just how long can a Yeti Tumbler maintain ice? Yeti advertises 24 hour ability to keep ice. In our head to head challenge with Engel Coolers Tumbler, the Yeti Tumbler held ice outdoors in the Florida sun for 36 hours. Both the Yeti Tumbler and the Engle Tumbler made it about 36 hours.

What technology does Yeti use?

The YETI V Series® Cooler uses vacuum insulation – the same technology used in our Rambler® Drinkware and one of the best known insulator. This technology (in addition to a few other factors) offers one of the best insulation that science allows and of course, it’s YETI tough.

Why does my Yeti cup not stay cold?

The main reason a Yeti tumbler cup is not keeping water cold is because the vacuum insulation is compromised and filled with air. This issues is covered under Yeti’s 5 Year warranty and you can contact them for a replacement.

Why isn’t my Yeti keeping ice?

If your Yeti cup is not holding ice or it isn’t keeping water cold for very long, then it is likely the vacuum seal is damaged in some way. When this happens warm air gets between the insulating walls of your Yeti meaning it loses a lot of its insulating properties.

Can you put ice in a Yeti cup?

Our stainless steel Tumblers, Bottles, Colster® Can Insulators, Mugs, Wine Tumblers, Stackable Pints and Jugs are designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, and a No Sweat™ Design. The tumblers will keep your soda, beer, wine, and mixed drinks ice cold.

Are yetis supposed to sweat?

Yeti Tumbler Cups don’t sweat when filled with cold beverages or hot beverages. Cups sweat due to the beverage making the outside of the cup cold, causing condensation. Because Yeti cups have a vacuum sealed gap the outside doesn’t get cold but rather stays at room temperature and thus doesn’t cause condensation.

Does ice melt in Yeti?

Yeti coolers boast 7-10 days ice retention but sometimes you can find your ice melting in as little as 24 hours, or even performing worse than a cheap $50 cooler. Here are some reasons ice may be melting quickly in your Yeti and how you can rectify the problem.

What makes Yeti Special?

Yeti coolers work so well and keep ice so long because they have thicker and better insulation that regular coolers. They also have insulation in the lid, a rubber gasket to keep out warm air and are raised off the ground by their rubber feet.

How do insulated cups work?

Air between inner and outer walls keeps outer cup temperature comfortable and prevents condensation. Foam between inner and outer walls acts as an insulator, extending temperature retention time. Eliminates temperature change by creating an airless space between the inner and outer stainless steel walls.