How Do I Stop My Tivo Box Recording Suggestions

What are recording hiccups on virgin?

The “recording missteps” is for when an intended recording isn’t made for whatever factor, and the folder reveals you the factor. What you have below, is that the recording was made according to the timetable, yet the broadcaster didn’t reveal the proper programme.

Why is my TiVo box deleting recordings?

Re: Tivo box has just erased our recordings If your recordings aren’t in the deleted folder, as well as a reboot hasn’t got them back, after that I’m worried they’re gone. It’s potentially a very early indication that your TiVo’s hard disk drive isn’t extremely well.

How long do recordings stay on Virgin Media?

If you’ve recorded a program from a non-subscription channel that has actually been removed from Virgin television, you’ll only be able to view recordings for approximately 3 months after the network has actually been gotten rid of.

What does bookmark do on TiVo?

Book Mark & Watch Later on enables you to ‘Book mark’ your preferred programs as well as ‘View Later on’. This feature is offered on DVRs using TiVo Experience 4 and TiVo Mini devices linked to a TiVo DVR making use of the TiVo Experience 4 customer interface. When you browse or surf, results available to stream are consisted of by default.

What does bookmark in my shows mean on virgin?

Re: Searching For My Bookmarks Bookmarks are shortcuts to OnDemand programs that appear in your “My shows” view alongside recordings. You can inform them apart by considering the left side of the screen, before the programme name. Recordings & folders have logos following to them, book marks do not.

What does bookmark mean on virgin?

That’s why we have actually developed the Bookmarking feature on your TiVo ® box and Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo ®, which enables you to tag must-see shows for very easy gain access to through your My Shows folder.

Where is clear button on Virgin remote?

You’ll see the television button in the leading right corner of the remote and also the Clear switch in the bottom left corner. The LED light at the top of your remote will flash green twice as well as you can release the TV and also Clear switches.

What type of TiVo box do I have?

TiVo version numbers are situated on the back of the TiVo, in a white or silver square location, with each other with the TiVo service number.

How do I delete saved programs on Virgin 360?

Re: Removing recordings on 360 box The workaround I finally located was to utilize the Virgin Media Go application. I navigated to the web page with the recording that would not delete, selected ‘Edit’, ticked package, and chosen ‘Delete’. Work done.

Can you transfer recordings from one Virgin box to another?

On the left side of the display, make use of the drop-town menu to select the TiVo box from which you intend to transfer recordings. Select the recordings to transfer. On the right side of the screen, make use of the drop-town food selection to pick the TiVo box you wish to obtain the recordings. Click “Transfer.”.