How Do I Add Another Fitbit To My Account

Can you have 2 Fitbits on the same app?

Yes, you can connect 2 Fitbits to the exact same application. However, you will not have the ability to see your data on both gadgets at the very same time. Instead, one of them will certainly show your data and also the other gadget will certainly reveal a message that it is syncing with the application.

Can I set up two Fitbit accounts on one phone?

Handling two separate accounts on one single Fitbit Application is possible, however it can be a pretty hands-on process. In order to sync your tracker to your account you need to be logged right into your account.

Can 2 Fitbits have the same email address?

It is just feasible to have one account per e-mail address, adding to that, you can only have one Fitbit of each model in an account, so you can’t have 2 Fitbit Charge 2 in one account (for example).

Can I add my child’s Fitbit to my account?

With parent view in the Fitbit app, you can manage your Fitbit household account as well as develop a Fitbit make up your youngster. Switch to child sight so you as well as your youngster can see their everyday stats and your youngster can engage with various other family members account.

What is a Fitbit family account?

With the Fitbit family members account, parents can manage that their youngsters get in touch with and what info they see in the Fitbit app, allowing parents to guard their children’ privacy and also remain on top of their activity. Fitbit family members account is currently available on Android variation 2.72 as well as iOS variation 2.51.

How many Fitbits can use one account?

Just one individual can utilize an account. When you produce a Fitbit account you’re asked for personal details, such as height and weight, to make sure that particular data is calculated correctly. For instance, your height identifies your range dimension.

What do I do with my old Fitbit after replacement?

” If you have a Fitbit you no more usage, or added chargers or bands, please send out to, a 501( c)( 3) charity that refurbishes wearable task trackers for under-served populations.” Excellent concern.

Can I give my old Fitbit to someone else?

If You’re Gifting a Made Use Of Fitbit Device By hand sync your made use of Fitbit device to your account to catch your latest information. Eliminate your Fitbit tool to erase all app and also personal data. (Note: Erasing the gadget is various from rebooting it, which doesn’t delete information.).

Does removing Fitbit delete data?

Within 30-90 days: The majority of your individual account information is deleted within thirty days of when you confirm your removal demand. This consists of any kind of subscriptions you have. It might use up to 90 days to erase all of your personal details, like the data videotaped by your Fitbit tool as well as other information stored in our backup systems.

Can a kid use an adult Fitbit?

Concerning your inquiry, even though the Ace 2 was developed for children, it has no age restriction. The allowed age to make use of the Ace is 6+. With this being said, the Ace can be established up on a grown-up account.