How Can I Repair The Sanctuary Bookstand In Hay Day

How do you unlock GREY elephant on hay day?

Unlike various other pets, elephants can not be gotten. Players need to unlock them by locating puzzle items (which are collected in a log book).

How do you get sanctuary puzzle pieces in hay day?

Obtaining puzzle pieces completing special boat shipments. finding them in mystery boxes and also depository (arbitrary) winning horseshoe incentives in derbies (random) redeem tokens in the valley shop.

How many feed mills can you get on hay day?

You can acquire up to 6 ports. The fourth slot will cost you 9 rubies. For each extra slot you will have to pay added 3 rubies. In complete you require 99 diamonds to unlock all the ports from one Feed Mill.

What is the Valley season on hay day?

The valley is a game attribute presented at 24 June 2019 which gives players a brand-new location to play in with other gamers (their next-door neighbors and solo gamers) and also the possibility to obtain tokens. It is unlocked at level 25.

What is the Valley shop in Hay Day?

The valley store is where you can purchase things with symbols. It can be discovered by tapping the button on leading beside token number in valley. The shop has two shops: the regular shop and the seasonal store.

How do you feed your sanctuary animals in Hay Day 2020?

Wheat packages are items opened when gamers got to reputation degree 3, opened Sanctuary as well as have at least one sanctuary animal. They are utilized to feed mostly all sanctuary pets. Like all products, they are stored in the barn.

Who does the meat bucket feed in hay day?

Meat containers are products unlocked when gamers have actually gotten to credibility level 3, opened Sanctuary, and contend least one frozen fox or cheetah shelter animal. They are made use of to feed wildlife in the Shelter.

What does the paw print mean in hay day?

Site visitors with a paw print following to the listing of structures they want to check out will intend to see a particular shelter animal at the end of their browse through.

Are there any cheats for Hay Day?

No, there are no cheat codes or hacks valid for Hay Day. If an individual on Twitter or Reddit is ready to offer you cheat codes in return for your ID as well as password or real-world cash, it will be a scam.

How long are Hay Day seasons?

Seasons. The Farm Pass Test Period is a 3-day test period to make certain that every little thing runs efficiently for the Ranch Pass Season 1.