How Big Is Ventura County

How big is Ventura California?

Today, the City of Ventura is a full-service municipality offering 109,000 citizens within the 32 square mile city limitations.

Is Ventura County rich?

24/7 Wall surface Road ranks Ventura Area as the sixth wealthiest area in America.

What percent of Ventura is Hispanic?

Race as well as Ethnic background 43.2% of the people in Ventura County, CA are hispanic (366k individuals). The following chart shows the 7 races represented in Ventura Area, CA as a share of the overall population.

Is Ventura California a safe place to live?

The possibility of coming to be a victim of either terrible or residential or commercial property criminal offense in Ventura is 1 in 32. Based on FBI criminal activity information, Ventura is not one of the most safe neighborhoods in America. Loved one to The Golden State, Ventura has a criminal activity rate that is greater than 84% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is Oxnard CA rich?

Anchor your luxury yacht as well as draw out your developer bag, because Oxnard is (believe it or not) the 7th Richest City in America, according to (and 24/7 Wall St. backing up the claim). Oxnard appear with 9.7 percent of its populace among the top 5 percent of the country’s most affluent residents.

Is Oxnard California good place to live?

This picturesque seaside city, 60 miles west of Los Angeles, is just one of the most effective locations to live, function, raise a family, begin a service or expand your occupation– and afterwards some home. House to 207,000 people, Oxnard, CA is residence to loosening up coastlines, enjoyable night life, arts as well as culture organizations and verdant parks.

How many Mexicans live in Oxnard?

Race and Ethnic culture 73.6% of individuals in Oxnard, CA are hispanic (153k individuals).

What is the median household income in Ventura County?

Median Earnings In 2020, the median home revenue of Ventura County houses was $89,295. Ventura Region households made somewhat even more than San Benito Area homes ($85,808) and Sonoma County houses ($86,173). Nonetheless, 6.1% of Ventura Area family members stay in hardship.

How many people are in Ventura County in 2021?

Ventura Region, California’s estimated populace is 839,598 with a growth rate of -0.25% in the past year according to the most current United States census data. Ventura County, California is the 14th biggest area in The golden state.

How much do I need to make to live in Ventura CA?

In Ventura County, citizens should make a “real estate wage” of $37.37 per hour to comfortably manage a two-bedroom leasing at the fair-market rent. Yet the approximated mean hourly wage of Ventura County occupants is just $17.98.