Does The Krebs Cycle Require Sunlight

Can Krebs cycle occur in the dark?

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What does Krebs cycle not require?

The electron carriers NADH and FADH are sent to the final step of cell respiration, which is respiratory electron transport. The Krebs cycle does not use oxygen, though it does stop in the absence of oxygen because it runs out of NAD and FAD. Many of your body’s cells can also use fatty acids in the Krebs cycle.

Can the Krebs cycle occur without oxygen?

The Krebs cycle, by itself, does not require the presence of oxygen; this element is necessary for the last stage of aerobic cellular respiration, i.e., oxidative phosphorylation. Organic molecules endowed with energy (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins) are split in previous reactions.

Which of the following is not required by the light-independent reaction?

Calvin cycle is a dark reaction which means it is a light-independent cycle. It occurs in the absence of light during night time. It also occurs during daytime but the energy from sunlight is not needed by it to perform its function.

Why is the Calvin cycle considered a dark reaction?

The Calvin cycle is fueled by products from the light reaction, but doesn’t need light. Therefore it is called the dark reaction.

Where does the citric acid cycle occur?

Within the mitochondrion, the citric acid cycle occurs in the mitochondrial matrix, and oxidative metabolism occurs at the internal folded mitochondrial membranes (cristae).

Where does the Calvin cycle take place?

In plants, carbon dioxide (CO2) enters the chloroplast through the stomata and diffuses into the stroma of the chloroplast—the site of the Calvin cycle reactions where sugar is synthesized.

Why does the citric acid cycle only operate in the presence of oxygen?

why does the krebs cycle only operate in the presence of oxygen? because oxygen allows the electron transport chain to receives electrons from nadh and fadh, and recycle nad+ and fad+ back to the krebs cycle.

Why does Calvin cycle need products of light?

Because it is needed to convert oxygen into sugar. Explanation: Although the Calvin Cycle is not light-dependent directly, it is light-Dependent indirectly because the required energy carriers are results of light-dependent processes.

What is required for both the light-dependent and light-independent reactions to proceed?

Explanation: Energy is required in both light dependent and light independent reactions.