Does The Kenshi Slaves Start With Bad Holy Nation Rep

How do you increase your relationship with holy nation Kenshi?

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Can you join the holy nation?

You cant Join any faction in the game currently as you your own faction to begin with. You can “ally” yourself to Either the Floatsam Ninjas Or The holy nation via dialoge interaction with their leaders.

How do you beat the holy nation?

The best strategy is for you to higher as many mercenary companies as you possibly can for each raid on the Holy Nation cities so that they can act as meat shields and take care of the seemingly endless number of guards in the Holy Nation cities while you specifically target the boss in each location.

Are reavers hostile Kenshi?

Hostile towards Reavers are a faction of slavers who believe that they deserve to be in charge instead of the United Cities. They have the same trade culture as the Swampers.

Can you take over a faction in Kenshi?

After the leader of one faction is taken out, their bases can become overtaken by a different faction. Usually this different faction is the Southern Hive.

How do you increase faction relation in Warband?

Having a positive relationship with a married lady will allow you to ask them to improve your relationship with a vassal of the faction who currently has a negative relation with you by sending them gifts of 1000-3000 denars, boosting your relationship with them by +1 per 1000 denars.

How do you become allies with shek?

When you reach 50 relations with the Shek Kingdom, you are automatically allied with them. By talking to Bayan in Admag, players can learn about ways to become allies with the Shek Kingdom. Note that to ally with the Shek requires the player not to be allies with the Holy Nation, United Cities, or Traders’ Guild.

How do I ally with United City?

When you reach 50 relations with the United Cities, you are automatically allied with them. By talking to Koin in Heft, players can learn about ways to become allies with the United Cities. “A small matter of paying your way through the ranks.” Players can donate c. 20,000 or c.

How do you recruit Seto Kenshi?

Seto is a Unique Recruit and the daughter of the Shek Kingdom’s ruler, Queen Esata the Stone Golem. She is given to the player after the player has over 35 relations and turned in either the Bugmaster or Holy Lord Phoenix to the Shek Kingdom. Alternatively, players can be given Seto after 80 relations.

Why is the holy nation attacking me?

Player Relations The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you. If you start with the Son of a Captain or Holy Sword character they will be hostile toward you. The Holy Nation Pacifier will attack any skeleton character upon sight, but can be very easily beaten up.