Does H4 Extension Gets Void If Travelled While Extention

How long can H4 stay while extension is pending?

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Can I stay in US while waiting for H4 extension?

Once you submit your application for an extension of status, you are permitted to remain in the U.S. until you receive a decision from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)—even if your permitted stay expires while USCIS is considering your application.

Can I travel while I-539 is pending?

If you travel abroad while a change of status application (I-539) is pending, USCIS considers the application abandoned and will reject it. You will need to go to a U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a new visa to re-enter.

Can I stay in US while I-539 is pending?

What If My Form I-539 is Pending and My I-94 Expired? If you have filed for an extension before your I-94 expired date and your application is still under review, you may stay in the U.S. for 240 days. You need to have followed and continue following the terms of your status.

Is C26 eligible for 180 day extension?

For Category Codes A17, A18, and C26 Your employee’s Form I-797C, Notice of Action, may refer to an automatic EAD extension of up to 180 days but is now acceptable evidence of the extension of up to 540 days, but not to exceed the Form I-94 end date, and the above-described eligibility requirements are satisfied.

Is there premium processing for H4 extension?

USCIS will also provide premium processing option for H4 EAD applicants. Again, this provision will be effective only after USCIS completes the regulatory process.

How long does it take for H4 EAD extension approval?

It usually takes 60-90 days to process and approve the EAD application after you have submitted an RFE response to USCIS.

How long does H4 approval take?

While this is subject to change based on the service center, you can expect H-4 EAD processing time to be between 2-9 months depending on the service center that’s processing the application.

Can I travel to US if my visa expires in a month?

A visa must be valid at the time a traveler seeks admission to the United States, but the expiration date of the visa (validity period/length of time the visa can be used) has no relation to the length of time a temporary visitor may be authorized by the Department of Homeland Security to remain in the United States.

How can I speed up my H4 extension?

Make EAD expedite request by calling USCIS on 1-800-375-5283 (recommended). The dialing code to speak directly with a Customer Representative is 1-2-6-1-1. They keep changing the options and hence you should keep trying.