Do Bayer Make Seresto Collars For Dogs

Who manufactures Seresto?

Seresto collars, created by Bayer and also currently produced and also marketed by Elanco Animal Wellness, have 2 chemicals: imidacloprid, which is a neonicotinoid, as well as flumethrin, which is a pyrethroid.

Where can I buy legit Seresto collars?

Real Seresto ® flea and also tick collars can only be acquired via your local veterinary center, animal store or authorised online retailer.

Are there counterfeit Seresto collars?

It is constantly best to buy your Seresto collar from your regional vet or relied on pet dog merchant instead of online. Follow this link for a paper laying out how to discriminate between authentic and also imitation Seresto Collars.

How do I contact Bayer Seresto?

Call us at 1-866-99-BAYER or send your inquiries or comments to have them addressed using email. We will certainly try to react to all questions within 24 hr or the following service day. Remain in touch.

Did Bayer sell Seresto?

Seresto collars were established by German pharmaceutical giant Bayer, yet the firm sold its Animal Health and wellness division, that includes the Seresto collar, to Elanco for $7.5 billion in 2020. In 2019, Bayer reported income of more than $300 million on sales of the collar.

Does Walmart sell real Seresto collars?

(2 pack) Seresto Flea and Tick Avoidance Collar for Big Dogs, 8 Month Flea and Tick Avoidance –

Does Petco sell real Seresto collars?

You can acquire Seresto simple, 8-month collars for flea as well as tick defense at Petco online or your neighborhood Petco Animal Care Facility.

Do Seresto collars expire?

There is no expiry date on the Seresto collars. The EPA does not require an expiration day since the product has been verified to have a lengthy life span. Seresto has actually been evaluated for a 5 year life span as long as it is unopened. When the item package is opened, the life span is 8 months.

How do I contact a Seresto flea collar?

The Customer Questions telephone number for Seresto collars discovered on the packaging is 1-800-422-9874.

Does Seresto really work?

As well as stopping fleas, Seresto is an efficient tick treatment. If your pet has actually a tick affixed to it prior to you put the collar on, it can use up to 48 hrs for these to be eliminated so we would usually advise removing any type of ticks that are already affixed.