5 Volts 1 Amp How Many Watts How many watts is 5 volt amps? The formula is (A)*(V) = (W). For example, if you have a current of 2 A and a voltage of 5 V, the power is 2A * 5V = 10W. This comes from the equation P = I * V. What … Read more

5000 Steps Equals How Many Miles How many minutes does it take to walk 5000 steps? A mile is around 2000 footsteps, and requires 15–20 minutes of walking. So, 5000 steps would take roughly 45–50 minutes of active walking to complete. How far is a 5000 step walk? If you assume that you step with … Read more

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1 Egg How Many Grams What is the amount of 1 egg? The Official Guide to Egg Volume Medium: 3 tablespoons (1.5 liquid ounces) Large: 3 1/4 tablespoons (1.625 liquid ounces) Extra-Large: 4 tablespoons (2 liquid ounces) How many grams is 2 large eggs? Large eggs are about 57 grams or 3 1/4 tablespoons of … Read more

600 Volts Equals How Many Amps How strong is 600 volts? At 600 volts, the current through the body may be as great as 4 amps, causing damage to internal organs such as the heart. High voltages also produce burns. In addition, internal blood vessels may clot. Nerves in the area of the contact point … Read more

1 Egg White Equals How Many Grams How much does an egg weigh? Medium: 20.5 ounces (about 1.70 ounce per egg) Large: 25.5 ounces (about 2.125 ounces per egg) Extra-Large: 26.5 ounces (about 2.20 ounce per egg) Jumbo: 30 ounces (about 2.5 ounce per egg) How much egg white can you eat? There are roughly … Read more

7 Days To Die How To Cook Raw Meat Is grilled or boiled meat better 7 Days to Die? Meat Comparison Boiled Meat provides hydration and fullness, whereas Grilled Meat only increases fullness and Charred Meat decreases hydration. Boiled Meat requires a Cooking Pot and one Boiled Water to craft, plus the Boiled Meat providing … Read more

1 Scoop Of Whey Protein Equals How Many Tablespoons What is a scoop of protein powder equal to? A typical 30-gram scoop of whey-based protein powder has about 110 calories. That’s equivalent in calories to about 1 ounce of cheddar cheese, 1 pint of fresh strawberries or one-third of a large plain bagel. Is 1 … Read more

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11 Millimeters Equals How Many Inches What is the millimeter equivalent of 1/4 inch? That’s the formula that our calculator uses to find that 1/4 inch to millimeters is 6.35 mm. What size is a pea in MM? Tumor sizes are often measured in millimeters (mm) or centimeters. Common items that can be used to … Read more

About How Many Miles Long Was The California Trail How far was it from the beginning of the California Trail to the end? There is no exact way to tell how long the California Trail was because each starting point was different. Historians place it close to 2,000 miles. Dangers such as disease, skirmishes with … Read more

130 Lumens Equals How Many Watts How bright is 100 lumens in watts? Lumen Brightness In the Everyday World Your average flashlight has 100 lumens of light. An office lighting fixture has 2500 lumens. A 40-watt bulb emits 400 lumens. This means that you get 10 lumens per watt from a 40-watt bulb, or 100 … Read more

Aerobie Orbiter How To Throw How do you throw a boomerang? Hold your boomerang with a loose grip, like a pen, with the rounded side facing you. Throw the boomerang at 45° to 60° to the right of the wind. Hold the boomerang at shoulder height. It must leave your hand in this position, slightly … Read more

1500 Watts Equals How Many Amps How many amps is 1500 watts at 120 volts? Remember the equation watts = volts*amps. If you have a 1,500W heater at 120V, it is using 12.5amps (1,500/120=12.5). How much is 1500 watts in kwh? To convert this to kilowatts, divide 1,500 watts by 1,000. This yields 1.5 kilowatts. … Read more

Alcohol Provides How Many Calories Per Gram Does alcohol have the most calories per gram? Alcohol itself is very calorie dense With seven calories per gram, alcohol is an extremely concentrated source of calories. In fact, it’s second only to pure fat, which has nine calories per gram. What type of calories are in alcohol? … Read more

2018 Dayz Stanalone How To Save Tent Can you save your stuff in DayZ? Begin with the mechanism of saving your character (saving the game). All data is kept on the main server. It means that independently on the chosen server, your character will be in the same place, with the same equipment. On each … Read more

2k Equals How Many Miles Is 2 km longer than 1 mile? 1.609 kilometers equal 1 mile. The kilometer is a unit of measurement, as is the mille. However, a mile is longer than a kilometer. “Mile” is a bigger unit. How long is a 2 k? 2K resolution is a generic term for display … Read more