Can You Return Oakley Custom Sunglasses



How long does it take to get custom Oakleys?

How long will it take for my Oakley Custom product to arrive? It varies depending upon the product ordered and the time of year but it takes approximately 7 business days to assemble your custom order to your chosen specification and then it is passed to our international shipping team to get it on route to you.

Are Oakley returns free?

Additional fees will be charged for any product missing the original box, packaging material, contents, accessories, and/or manuals (i.e. any product not in “sellable” condition). Note: Items purchased from an Authorized Oakley retailer must be returned to the place of purchase.

Do custom Oakleys have serial numbers?

Do all Oakleys have a serial number? Yes, all Oakley sunglasses have a serial number on the inner temple. The serial number should have 7 numbers or letters. Fake pairs usually feature a 3-digit number on the temple tips or temple.

Are Oakleys OSHA approved?

Oakley’s sunglasses are ANSI Z87. 1 conforming and OSHA approved to maintain high standards of clarity and impact resistance. Its innovative frame geometry and material design exceeds the specifications set by the standards organizations.

Where are custom Oakleys made?

In addition to manufacturing at Oakley’s interplanetary headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California, some eyewear components and finished products are also manufactured in facilities owned and operated by our parent company, Luxottica Group, or by select 3 supply partners around the world.

Can you return Oakley sunglasses without a receipt?

Oakley Return Policy Make your return within 90 days of making your purchase. Provide a receipt or anything else that shows you made a valid purchase. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before making your return.

Can I return sunglasses to Sunglass Hut?

If your newly purchased sunglasses don’t turn out to be what you’re looking for, you can return them for a full refund. You have 30 days from your original purchase date to return your unwanted sunglasses, and it typically takes 3–5 days to process your refund.

Does Oakley have military discount?

Oakley sunglasses has a government sales website that is normally not advertised. They offer sunglasses that meet military standards at about an average 50% savings. Service members need only to register and fax a copy of their military ID to Oakley to be eligible for their discount.

Do custom Oakleys have a SKU?

* Standard eyewear SKU’s can be found on the inside of the ear-stem or your eyewear box’s sticker label. * Custom eyewear SKU’s are not printed on the inside of the ear-stem.

How can I tell if my Oakleys are fake?

Beware of an “O” on the Lens But if the Oakley icon, either the rounded “O” or the square one is printed on the lens, they’re big, fat fakes. Oakley doesn’t put the icon on its standard non-prescription lenses, nor does it print on its lenses; any markings will be etched.