Can You Repair The Expcalibur



Can you get the EXPcalibur again?

This is common glitch, thrown EXPcalibur can’t be picked up. Also, the crafted one is not original, original is only one you pick it first time. The only way to get it is doing it in your friends game, this will be easiest.

Does the EXPcalibur have infinite durability?

It’s not limited, technically while durability will go down to 0 and lower damage of basic attachs, the charged attacks will still work permanently which is what all about EXPcalibur is. So just ignore the durability on EXPcalibur and don’t worry about it, the charged attacks are unlimited.

How good is EXPcalibur in Dying Light?

But it has 324 damage, which is just garbage. It’s basically useless even before it breaks, the only thing worth using is the charge attack which is really funny and all but hard to make good use of without a zombie stunlocking you.

Where is the legendary sword in Dying Light?

Location. The EXPcalibur sword can be found on the southeast portion of the slums, along the shoreline near Fisherman’s Village in a bay-like area. There is a small rocky island off the coast in the water, which requires the player to swim out to. The sword will be in a body on the far side of the rock.

Does the Korek machete break?

This weapon is one of the best weapons that can crafted in the game as it does a large amount of damage and is generally a one hit kill. Although when broken the damage is reduced to 10% of original value, like all other weapons. Developers like to cheat when playing their own games.

Is there an unbreakable weapon in Dying Light?

The only way to make weapons unbreakable in Dying Light 2 just got patched out and players aren’t happy. Dying Light 2 fans aren’t happy that the unbreakable Korek weapon charm has been massively nerfed, with Techland promising that it’s going to look into fixing it.

How much damage does the broken EXPcalibur do?

Once you picked it up it’s time to see what this baby has in it. Don’t be disappointed when you look at the stats. The sword deals a womping 326 damage at its base stats, the sad part to the story though, is it only has 7 durability, meaning it’s not going to last very long in a fight.

How long does it take to get the EXPcalibur in Dying Light?

Now it’s time for the waiting game. The sword takes about 3 minutes to pick up. Yes, you heard that correctly, 3 solid minutes of sitting there and holding the X button (or whatever your use button is for your console). Once you picked it up it’s time to see what this baby has in it.

How do you get unlimited durability in Dying Light?

There is a way to have basically unlimited weapon durability in Dying Light 2 by way of the Korek Charm. This item is hidden in a secret developer room that anyone can unlock with a little patience after progressing to a certain point in the game.

How often do airdrops happen in Dying Light?

Airdrops is a gameplay feature that appears in Dying Light, containing humanitarian aid sent by the Global Relief Effort. These air drops appear 2-3 per day, but at random times, though none contain Antizin outside of select story missions.