Can You Repair Pontoons



How do you fix a small leak in a pontoon boat?

Fill small punctures with putty, according to its directions. Allow the putty to cure, then sand it to smooth. For areas with pinholes, mix putty with prepared epoxy sealer to a rollable consistency, and then roll and/or brush it to cover the area. Wait for the putty and epoxy to dry.

Are pontoons filled with anything?

Although there are foamed-filled tubes, most pontoon tubes are hollow. Some pontoons are filled with air to help strengthen the inner walls of the tube and to also check for leaks.

Will JB Weld work on a pontoon boat?

I tried some of the low temp aluminum brazing rods, but there is just too much surface area on the pontoon log for my little torch to heat. The J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy worked great. It mixed well, spread smoothly and evenly (I used a plastic putty knife), and cured without any issues.

Can a pontoon tube be repaired?

It can be repaired and be 100% functional, but I would not settle for anything but a new log. The dealer needs to step up and do the right thing, not the cheapest thing!

Can aluminum pontoons be repaired?

Unfortunately, because of their lighter structure, the aluminum material can be damaged easily. Not to worry, though. Repairing a damaged pontoon is a process that can be done in an afternoon.

Should I put air in my pontoons?

Although it is not not entirely necessary to add air to a pontoon, as having no air in the tube will have no effect on the boat’s performance in the slightest, it is a fast and efficient way to check the pontoon tube for leaks.

Can I fill my pontoons with foam?

The foam used to repair a pontoon boat leak comes in the form of a liquid. Once released from its canister, the foam expands and can easily fill the pontoon, eliminating any space for water to enter. Foam released into the cavity of the pontoon provides maximum buoyancy.

Why do pontoons sink?

Poor weight distribution, using the wrong motors, having water in the pontoons, inappropriate handling of the vessel especially in waves and chop, and using the boat in the type of very harsh conditions it was not designed to be used in, are all things that can cause a pontoon boat to sink.

Can you pressure test pontoons?

I’ve heard you don’t want to put any more than 1 or 1 psi into the pontoon when checking for leaks. You can rig up a fitting/pressure gauge/valve stem for a few dollars. Then check for air escaping by ear or warm soapy water.

Does JB Weld work on aluminum?

For a reliable aluminum epoxy that can handle medium- to heavy-duty jobs, the J-B Weld KwikWeld epoxy has a 5,020 PSI rating and withstands temperatures of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal option for cars, RVs, and boats.