Can You Repair A Hot Surface Ignitor



Can you clean furnace ignitor?

If your furnace has a spark ignitor and it’s working haphazardly, it too could be covered with soot, and a blast of compressed air may be enough to clean it. Compressed air can also clean a blocked pilot tube that is causing the pilot flame to burn weakly or not at all.

Can you fix the igniter?

The electrodes are dirty or corroded. If the electrodes are covered in gunk from months of grilling, your igniter won’t be able to spark. Dirty electrodes are easy to fix—all you need to do is clean them using a cotton swab and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

What causes a hot surface ignitor to burn out?

High Voltage An 80-volt HSI should have about 80 volts applied to it. Applying 120 volts to that HSI will cause it break, and sometimes almost immediately. Having too low of voltage may not let the igniter burn hot enough.

How do you know if your ignitor is bad?

Your furnace won’t run: The most obvious sign that your ignitor is bad is that it won’t ignite, and this generally manifests itself in your furnace failing to run when you activate it. One word of caution, though: this can also be caused by other issues, some of which are electrical.

How do you know if a hot surface ignitor is bad?

Set a multimeter to the lowest possible resistance test and place the probes onto tips of the plug for the ignitor. If the multimeter shows infinity or stays at zero, the ignitor no longer works and must be replaced.

How do I install a new igniter?

Remove the igniter button by turning the cover counter-clockwise. Lift off the igniter button cover to expose the battery. Pull out the AA battery. Replace with a brand new AA battery and replace the cover.

How do you fix a Char Broil igniter?

Check the battery Make sure the battery is correctly positioned. Follow your manual instructions. Check to make sure that the battery electrodes are not wet, oxidized or slightly corroded. You may need to remove battery and clean off electrodes with dry cloth or with alcohol wipe.

How do I clean my grill igniter?

Cleaning the Ignitor of Your Spark Grill Start by removing the grates and heat spreader. Locate the ignitor and pour a small amount of vinegar over it. After letting it sit for a few minutes, use a drinking straw to gently remove any residue.

Are furnace ignitors universal?

This universal ignitor is a replacement part for use in gas-fired appliances like furnaces, water heaters, and boilers, compatible with over 150-OEM models.

How much does it cost to replace furnace ignitor?

Here’s the bottom line: Whether for a natural gas furnace, oil, or a propane furnace, replacing a furnace ignitor–including parts and labor–will cost you around $300 – $425 for a qualified contractor to install. Compare that to, say, a draft inducer motor, which will cost $400 – $1,500 to replace.