Can You Mount A Bike Rear Shocks Upside Down



Can you mount a shock upside down?

Most mono-tube shocks can be run upside down or horizontal. The problem is with inexpensive twin tube shocks, they have an air pocket whether they gas charged or just oil. The compression valve is usually located seperatley at the bottom of the shock bathed in oil.

Why are some rear shocks upside down?

Sometimes a shock benefits being upside down for heat disipitation. Some shocks cool faster if mounted upside down.

Does it matter which way rear shocks go?

The correct way to mount it is as shown with the boot down and the label facing so it is not upside down. So, If you are not sure which way is up on your shocks or wonder if you can mount them either way, always look at the Bilstein logo. If it is upside down, so are your shocks!

Which way do shock absorbers go?

The difference is that a mono-tube shock absorber can be mounted upside down or right side up and it will work either way. *NOTE A conventional two-tube shock absorber must be mounted somewhat vertically.

Can you flip a rear shock?

It will not have an affect on shock performance in any way, it will just look odd as it’s not the norm. Flip it and slowly compress the shock with no air in it to make sure the linkage doesn’t make contact with anything and you are good to go.

Can you mount a MTB shock upside down?

Bottom Line Indeed, if you are the sort that prefers cooler bikes with enhanced appearances, then you would do well to mount the air shock of your bike upside down. However, remember that not all shocks can be safely mounted upside down.

Can Bilstein shocks be mounted upside down?

You always want to install our application specific B6 4600 and B8 5100 shocks so the Bilstein labeled on the shock body is reading in the correct orientation. If your shocks have been installed with the stickers on upside down then the shocks should be flipped the other way.

How are shocks supposed to be mounted?

As a rule, dual tube shocks should never be mounted upside down. Some people say that monotube or gas pressurize shocks can be mounted upside down, however in time they will develop and extra inch or more of piston travel that has little to no dampening effect whatsoever.

Can you install shocks wrong?

The wrong height for the spring plate can result in the spring having no pre-tension. On systems with a side load spring the spring can become stuck or fall out. The shock absorber goes into the compression stop, has higher wear on the buffer and does not allow sufficient bump travel.

What angle should rear shocks be?

Most people aim for 90 degrees at full bump. That is from the front leaf spring pivot, to the lower shock pivot, and then to the upper shock pivot. This creates a slight rising rate. That being said there are lots of trucks people just mount the shocks where “they look good”.