Can You Install A Nest In A Camper



Can you put a smart thermostat in a camper?

Also, unlike most Thermostats that only have Bluetooth, which means you can only connect to your thermostat if you are within 100 feet of your RV, a Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat will let you connect from anywhere in the world.

Can you put a WiFi thermostat in an RV?

Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat A Smart, internet-connected, thermostat made specifically for RVs! The Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat is designed to directly replace your stock thermostat, and installation is dead simple!

Can I use a regular thermostat in my RV?

No you cannot use a typical residential thermostat in an RV. The reason is that most of them are designed to use 24 volt AC power, and RVs have no such power source. You can use a thermostat that is battery-powered and that is designed for “millivolt” control systems.

Will a Honeywell thermostat work in a camper?

Yes, a Honeywell thermostat will work in a camper.

Are RV thermostats different?

Typical residential thermostats operate on a 24 Volts AC power source whereas RV thermostats operate on a 12 Volts DC power source.

Can ecobee be used in RV?

Yes, I ran a new 2-conductor cable from the converter to the thermostat to be able to power them. The reason Rc and Rh need a jumper wire is because the Ecobee thermostat will only ever connect Rc to Y, but never to W, so as long as there is power at Rh, it will send that to W.

Does Google nest work with 12V?

The Nest doorbell’s battery-powered model will work with a 12V power supply. However, if you have the wired Nest doorbell option, then it will not work on 12V and will require at least 16 volts instead.

Can you put a programmable thermostat in an RV?

A programmable RV thermostat allows you to choose when you want your settings to go into effect. This enables you to have your unit kick on at a predetermined time, so you’ll have a comfortable RV after a day out exploring. A programmable unit can save you money as you won’t heat or cool your RV when you aren’t there.

Can I add a thermostat to my RV AC?

All you have to do is hook up the 3 thermostat wires (12V, 12V-, and comm). If you remove the air filter and look inside the AC you will see the thermostat connections. Also you can download installation and wiring diagrams on the Dometic site.

How do RV thermostats work?

The RV thermostat works as an interface between you and your HVAC system and furnace. It tells those systems when to turn on and off, and in the case of programmable RV thermostats, can even change temperatures per your preset wishes.