Can You Give Albon To A Pregnant Dog



What antibiotics are safe for nursing dogs?

Safe antibiotics for nursing bitches/queens include ampicillin, amoxicillin, clavamox and cephalexin. After weaning, the amount of food a bitch/queen gets should be reduced based on her condition (does she need to regain normal weight?) and the variety returned to her normal diet.

Is Albon safe for puppies?

Albon is a prescription medication FDA-approved for veterinary use in dogs and cats. Albon is available as 250mg scored tablets and 5% custard-flavored suspension containing 250mg per tsp. The usual initial dose for dogs and cats is 25mg/pound once a day.

What does Albon do for dogs?

Sulfadimethoxine (brand name: AlbonĀ®) is a sulfonamide antimicrobial usually used to treat coccidiosis but can also be used to treat other types of infections in dogs and cats. Its use in small mammals and reptiles to treat coccidia or other infections is ‘off label’ or ‘extra label’.

Can you give a pregnant dog antibiotics?

Antimicrobial agents that have been shown to be safe for use during pregnancy include betalactam antibiotics (penicillin G, ampicillin, amoxicillin, amoxicillin-clavulanic, carbenicillin, ticarcillin, and cephalosporins), macrolides, and lincosamides (clindamycin, erythromycin, and lincomycin).

What should a lactating pregnant dog eat?

Just like the third trimester of pregnancy, feeding during lactation is best accomplished using a highly digestible, high quality puppy food. Free-choice feeding during the first 3-4 weeks of lactation, unless she only has one or two puppies, provides many advantages.

How much Albon do you give a puppy?

Dogs and cats should be prescribed 1 teaspoonful of Albon Oral Suspension 5% per 10 lb of body weight 25 mg/lb or 55 mg/kg as an initial dose, subsequently followed by 1/2 teaspoonful per 10 lb of body weight 12.5 mg/lb or 27.5 mg/kg every 24 hours.

How long does it take for Albon to work in puppies?

This medication should start having effects within 1 to 2 hours; however, you may not see the effects of this medication outwardly. Your animal should begin feeling better within 1 to 2 days.

Can you overdose a dog on Albon?

8. Side Effects and/or Signs of Overdose: Side effects of Albon include vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, KCS (dry eye), and bone marrow suppression.

Does Albon make puppies sleepy?

Albon may reduce the dog’s blood platelets. Albon may affect the dog’s blood health in two ways: anemia and loss of blood. Should the dog become anemic while taking Albon, it will become lethargic.

How many days should Albon be given?

While Albon (sulfadimethoxine) is the only FDA approved drug, the recommended dosing schedule is to administer it for 5-21 days, which can be costly both monetarily and in staff time.