Can You Find Camp Npcs In Rdr2



Does donating to the camp do anything RDR2?

Firstly, you’ll need to know how to upgrade your camp in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can donate your own money to your camp through the ledger, marked by the dollar sign in a briefcase on the mini-map, and you can then use the ledger, which is right next to it, to make upgrades using the money you’ve accumulated.

Is Shady Belle the last camp?

The Shady Belle Camp is the final Gang Camp that players can still complete camp chores, make donations, and purchase any remaining upgrades for any trophy/achievement.

How do you hang NPCs in RDR2?

Drop your victim over the edge of the cliff, ledge or bridge you are on. This can be done by riding diagonally at the cliff or similar, and then turning and riding parallel to it. Your victim should swing off the cliff, and if you come to stop, they should be hanging in mid-air off the ledge.

How much would it cost to buy everything in RDR2?

So even though it costs $600 to buy everything in the game with microtransactions, with the current state of RDO you could probably spend like $30 and get pretty much everything you want.

Is it worth upgrading the camp RDR2?

Is it worth upgrading camp RDR2? While it’s possible to blow money on shopping sprees and other… luxuries, you’ll probably want to invest some of your earnings into the camp. While some players will just want to quickly unlock Fast Travel and be done with it, it really is worth planning out additional upgrades.

Where is Kieran buried?

Kieran Duffy’s grave can be found south-east of the Bolger Glade marker on your map, and it’s directly east of Braithwaite Manor in the middle of a field.

What happens if you go back to Beaver Hollow as John?

If the player decides to go back for the money: After saying his farewells to John and giving him all of his possessions, Arthur returns to Beaver Hollow, in order to take the gang’s money stash hidden in the caves.

Should I send Lenny or shoot the dynamite?

It’s easier to kill at least 10 Lemoyne Raiders with the long-scope rifle – one of the Gold Medal requirements- if you send Lenny. Blowing up the dynamite will initiate the fight with a few casualties on the Raider’s side.

Can you be hung in rdr2?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, hangings appear in several missions as well as during random encounters. These encounters can either happen in a town in the form of public executions or by discovering an already hanged victim of outlaw gangs.

Can you hang people in Red Dead Redemption 2?

You can hang people by the neck! – Red dead redemption 2 online gameplay – YouTube.