Can You Fail To Repair The Radiation In Subnautica



Do you have to stop the radiation leak in Subnautica?

The game can definitely be completed without fixing the radiation leak. I did it on my first play through. I just wore the rad suit every time I went to the Aurora. The radiation only reaches a few hundred meters away from the ship and causes no permanent damage.

Do you need the radiation suit after fixing the Aurora?

The Radiation Suit is no longer needed after the player repairs all the breaches in the Aurora’s drive core room, despite some information given to the player (such as the PDA entry for the Nuclear Reactor).

Does the radiation spread in Subnautica?

The radiation SPREADS! So, as any veteran can tell you, not fixing the aurora’s reactor is not a big deal. It just means you need a rad suit to get close to the Aurora’s wreck.

Is the Aurora supposed to explode?

After the Aurora’s Drive Core explodes, the ship’s wreckage is surrounded by Radiation and is unapproachable without a Radiation Suit. While quite dangerous and far out, the player can visit the Aurora early in-game before it explodes, although multiple tools are needed to properly explore the ship.

Can you save Sunbeam?

Despite being quite challenging to do before the ship arrives, yes, it is indeed possible to deactivate the laser cannon on the Quarantine Enforcement Platform in time to save the Sunbeam.

Can you get into the big ship in Subnautica?

Even after you get into the Aurora, large sections of the ship are flooded and dark, making the Seaglide’s speed boost and built-in flashlight a useful piece of equipment. Knife: Any of Subnautica’s few weapons should work here, but the knife is the first and easiest to unlock, and should do fine for defence.

How long does it take Aurora to explode?

Logically, then, after hearing the Dark Matter Reactor Critical 2 hour warning, around 166 seconds (2 minutes and 46 seconds) after the notice, the Reactor would go critical, if this was completely accurate. But, on both Experimental and Stable, it explodes an in-game day later.

How do you fix Radiation?

There is no cure, but barriers can prevent exposure and some medications may remove some radiation from the body. Anyone who believes they have been exposed to radiation should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How long is a day in Subnautica?

An ingame day lasts 20 minutes of real time, of which 15 are in daylight and 5 are in the night.

What’s the code for Cabin 1 in Subnautica?

Answer: The Cabin No. 1 door code is 1869 while the Captain’s Quarters is 2679. The Cargo Bay door can be unlocked with the door code 1454, while the Lab Access code is 6483.