Can You Cut Pellet Stove Pipe



Can you cut flue pipe?

If the flue pipe is less than one foot long, you can hold it yourself as you cut it with your other hand. Turn on the miter saw and slowly cut through the flue pipe as your assistant holds the pipe in straight. Pull out the flue pipe and measure it with your tape measure to make sure it was cut to the right size.

What pipe is needed for a pellet stove?

Pellet stoves require type “L” vent pipe. Most will have a 4” vent pipe requirement. L-vent uses an air space between a stainless steel inner pipe and a galvanized outer pipe. Since the exhaust on pellet equipment is pressurized, all joints between pipe components must be siliconed or have a gasketed/sealed connection.

Can you cut twin wall flue pipe?

No, you should never cut twin wall flue pipe – you must ensure that you plan your chimney flue accurately and purchase the correct lengths accordingly (remember that 50mm of each section inserts into the next, so a 1000 mm section will actually take up 950 mm of space).

Can you cut double wall gas vent pipe?

2 Answers. Show activity on this post. The short answer is no. B-vent cannot be cut.

How do you cut a chimney flue pipe?

To cut a vitreous chimney flue liner, you need a diamond blade mounted in an electric- or gas-powered saw. The surface of a diamond blade is impregnated with bits of actual diamonds, the only thing strong enough to cut through kiln-fired, ceramic clay. You’ll need to rent or buy the saw and blade.

How do you cut a flexible flue liner?

Using a hacksaw is the most common way to cut flexible liner. Ensure you secure the liner on a solid and secure flat surface, using tin snips to tidy up any rough ends. Once your liner has been cut, tape the ends using duct tape which will help ensure you do not cut yourself whilst installing the liner.

Can you hook up a pellet stove to a wood stove chimney?

Installing a pellet stove in an existing chimney is a great way to avoid the hassle of cutting into a wall or through the roof to properly vent the stove. However, don’t fall into a false sense of security when using a chimney to vent a pellet stove, because a house fire could result from improper installation.

Does a pellet stove need double wall pipe?

Proper Pipe A pellet stove requires outdoor venting through a pipe. This can be chimney pipe as long as it meets certain requirements. The pipe must be double-walled, with an inner lining of stainless steel. It must also be sealed at the joints so that carbon monoxide and other exhaust cannot leak into the home.

How hot does pellet stove pipe get?

On a pellet stove the thermal on the combustion blower will shut it down before the 500°F mark. So just make sure your start up temps and continual temps coming out of the stove collar are not exceeding the temps the pellet venting pipes are certified for, so you don’t incur any liability with your customers.

Can I complain about my Neighbours wood burning stove?

In cases where our evidence shows that smoke or fumes is causing significant interference with another person’s use and enjoyment of their property we can serve a legal notice on the person(s) responsible for the nuisance, requiring action to be taken to stop the problem or face prosecution for non-compliance.