Can You Camp Monument Rust And Will Loot Respawn



How long does it take for locked crates to Respawn in Rust?

When found, it requires the player to “hack” the system that locks the crate to open it (all that is required from the player is to press the action button). After this, a 15 minute timer begins that will allow the crate to be accessed once the timer reaches zero. If the crate is shot, the timer resets.

Does Dome Respawn if your on it console?

Yes I’ve been up there multiple times where it spawned twice.

Does large oil rig Respawn if your on it rust console?

Meaning that you don’t even know before you go there if it’s been done or not, meanwhile both Rigs have no cooldown, once it’s done and everyone leaves, everything instantly respawns.

How long do military crates take to Respawn?

They now spawn every 2 hours (instead of 20 minutes), have half the items as before, and there is one less at launch site.

Does the dome have radiation?

The Dome has low levels of radiation. The Dome is the only major monument that doesn’t have a recycler.

How often do Monuments reset?

The loot behind each puzzle resets every 30 minutes. Given it’s hard to tell when the last person solved the puzzle, sometimes you may hit the jackpot, while other times you may come up empty handed.

How long does it take for Chinook to Respawn rust?

Basically how it works is every 10 minutes crates respawn, no matter if you looted them or not. Every 10 minutes, 1 more chinook crate spawns as well. So, if you get there before the respawn you can get like 40 crates.

How many heavy scientists spawn on large oil rig?

The Locked Crate event can be triggered here. Once started the hacking procedure, 6 Heavy Scientists will arrive on a Chinook.

How long does small oil take to Respawn?

Similar to the Military Tunnel and the Cargo Ship monuments, it is protected by armed scientists. In total, there are 15 blue scientists that patrol the various levels. When scientists are killed, they will re-spawn roughly 24 minutes later.

Can you Respawn in Rust?

Killing yourself is simple in Rust. Once you are in-game and out of combat, you can open your console menu with F1. In the console menu, type the command “Kill” into the box and press Enter. Once the respawn menu pops up, select Respawn At a Camp to return to your bed.