Can You Buy Away Travel Luggage At A Store



Is away luggage a Canadian company?

Away was founded by Stephanie Korey and Jennifer Rubio in New York City in 2015 as a digitally native brand. The company has since expanded into physical retail with its own stores, avoiding wholesale distribution. Ms.

What is different about away luggage?

One of the major benefits of the Away carry-on is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers damages to the shell, zippers, handles, wheels and other functional elements of the suitcase — so if anything on your bag breaks or gets damaged, Away will fix or replace it for you.

Where does Away travel ship from?

Lein points out that their entire collection is made in the U.S. as opposed to China, where the majority of their competitors manufacture their luggage (bags are made to order at their California factory and shipped within three days).

How many stores does Away have?

Away has since expanded to sell a wide variety of luggage, bags, and other travel accessories. It boasts seven brick-and-mortar stores, with more on the horizon, and has its own media publication, Here Magazine.

How much do Away suitcases cost?

Away suitcases come in four sizes, including a Medium ($275; and a Large ($295; version for checked baggage.

Do Away suitcases nest?

When it’s all over, our lightweight suitcases are designed to nest neatly inside each other, ready to be tucked away until the next trip (and save closet space in the meantime).

Is away luggage overrated?

Overall, it’s not a horrible suitcase especially at such a decent price point but I can’t get over how horrible the wheels and the shell are. The Away just seems overrated and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wants to jet set around the world, it’s better for someone who is inside airports only.

How do you unlock Away bags?

As mentioned above, the battery pack is located underneath the handle of most Away suitcases. Pull the handle of the suitcase up first, then you’ll see the door to the compartment. Push it in gently and it should pop open.

How is Away luggage doing?

While Away suffered, like most in the travel industry, for much of 2020—sales dropped 90% last March and April—Rubio says the brand is seeing a recovery even before travel fully rebounds. Customers don’t need to be completely ready to get on a flight to buy a suitcase, after all.

Does Away travel have sales?

How often does Away have sales? Away’s sales don’t happen often. The first time the company ever had one was in September 2020 since its founding in 2015, followed by “The Surprise 30% Off” sale it had this past March.