Can You Bring A Backpack Into The San Diego Zoo



Do you have to wear a mask at San Diego Zoo?

Fully vaccinated visitors do not have to wear masks. Unvaccinated visitors age 2 and older are still required to wear a face mask while inside any indoor space at Safari Park. You do not need to show proof of vaccination. All visitors – including those from out-of-state – are welcome.

Can I bring a reusable water bottle to San Diego Zoo?

You Can Carry Water Bottles and Other Drinks into the San Diego Zoo. Take your favorite water bottle with you into the Zoo.

Can you walk around with beer at the San Diego Zoo?

Lucky for them, there are not only plenty of options within the park (so you can walk around while you drink), but there are also cool casual dining areas where you can plop down and enjoy a cold one too.

What age is free at San Diego Zoo?

Calling All Kids! Throughout October, children 11 years and younger receive free admission—no ticket is required when accompanied by an adult with a valid form of admission. One adult with a valid form of admission can bring up to 5 children (ages 11 and younger) free all month long. For more information, see our FAQs.

Can I bring food into San Diego Zoo?

Guests may bring personal food items into the Zoo. Large food storage containers such as coolers are not permitted on grounds, and no facilities are available for food storage. Zoo guests who have already entered our parks may get their hand stamped for re-entry on the same day of their visit during operating hours.

Can you drink at the San Diego Zoo?

There are many tables located through the zoo, so you can relax and have a snack or lunch wherever hunger strikes. I was surprised to see so much alcohol served at the zoo, but I did see lots of parents having a beer as they walked around the zoo with their kids.

Can I bring my own stroller to San Diego Zoo?

Bring Your Own Stroller – Sand Diego Zoo Stroller Rental: time. However, the need for a stroller at this zoo is legit, it is HUGE.

Does the San Diego Zoo have pandas?

AT THE ZOO In 2008, our panda loan was extended for another five years and was renewed in 2013. The panda loan agreement concluded in 2019, and giant pandas Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu were repatriated to China in spring 2019, in keeping with the terms of our agreement.

Does the San Diego Zoo have lockers?

Luggage Storage in San Diego Zoo with Stasher You could use left luggage facilities such as lockers in stations – but they’re expensive and have limited capacity. Make the most of your time, book luggage storage in San Diego Zoo with Stasher online!

How long does it take to go through San Diego Zoo?

It takes about three to four hours, at a minimum, to see the entirety of the zoo, but you could easily spend an entire day exploring the many entertainment options, trails, and exhibits.