Can You Bring A Backpack Into Lollapalooza



What bags are allowed in Lollapalooza 2021?

2021 Bag Policy ALL bags will be searched before entry. Small clutch purses and fanny packs that are 4.5″ x 5.5″ or smaller do not need to be clear but can have no more than one pocket. All other bags must be fully clear and made up of clear plastic, vinyl, or pvc, and be no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 6″ ONLY.

Can I bring a CamelBak to Lollapalooza?

Blankets, Sheets, Towels. Cameras (only nonprofessional photos and video cameras, must be without attachments such as selfie sticks and tripods) Empty CamelBak water bottles and hydration packs, and plastic or aluminum water bottles. Umbrella (Hand-held only, no bigger than 42 in.

Do you have to be 18 to go to Lollapalooza?

Fans of all ages can come to Lollapalooza. Those aged 10 and under go free but must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. Children are limited to 2 per adult.

Is water free at Lollapalooza?

Lollapalooza Essential #1 – Camelbak There are free water refill stations available throughout the festival grounds, which means you’ll be able to refill your hydration pack for free.

Can 14 year olds go to Lollapalooza?

just took a survey at work, and the opinion was overwhelmingly that 14 is too young for unsupervised attendence at Lollapalooza no matter how city savvy they think they may be. I think wild young adults is a bit strong. It’s a fairly tame crowd, across a mix of ages.

Will Lollapalooza happen in 2021?

Lollapalooza 2021 happens all weekend long in Chicago, and here’s the story for the next event: one show over four days, with lots of after-show events happening. The official Lollapalooza 2021 dates are July 29 – August 1. This has been confirmed on the Lollapalooza website.

Where will Lollapalooza be in 2022?

Lollapalooza – July 28-31, 2022 – Grant Park, Chicago.

Does Lollapalooza have water fountains?

There are 32 hydration units overall, each with four spouts. The units, which were increased by 20 percent this year, are in six separate locations throughout the park (including the field surrounding the T-Mobile stage and adjacent to Buckingham Fountain).

Is there alcohol at Lollapalooza?

Lollapalooza is an expensive place to drink alcohol. And yet, each year, everybody seems to find a way to do so in excess.

Is alcohol allowed at Lollapalooza?

While Lollapalooza allowed for two factory-sealed water bottles for each guest, attendees were not allowed to enter with anything resembling liquor.