Can Vive Repair My Controller



Where can I get my HTC Vive repaired?

HTC Vive users can now take their broken, out-of-warranty headsets and accessories to the nearest iFixit for a quick repair. HTC and iFixit will also be providing detailed guides for folks wanting to do repairs themselves, invoking the Right to Repair.

How long does Vive battery last?

The battery life of the HTC Vive Focus Plus is up to 3 hours of active use time. The built-in rechargeable battery can be recharged in 2 hours.

How long is Vive warranty?

3. “Warranty Period” for Product and Accessories, means twelve (12) months from the date You purchased the Product from an authorized retailer. 4. “You” or “Your” means the original retail or e-commerce purchaser and/or original end-user of the Product.

How do I contact Vive?

VIVE | Support Contact Us. If you are a Business Warranty & Services customer, please reach out to us at If our chat support team is unavailable during opening hours, please feel free to leave us a message by clicking the Contact Us button below.

Why wont my Vive controller connect?

If the light is solid blue than your controllers are not connected successfully. To re- pair them go to SteamVR > Devices > Pair Controllers. If after re-pairing your controller the light is red than you will need to reset the controller because it will not respond.

Why is my Vive controller red?

The status light shows: Green when the controller is in normal mode. Blinking red when battery is low. Blinking blue when the controller is pairing with the headset.

How long do 3.0 trackers take to charge?

It takes roughly three hours to charge a Vive Tracker through a computer’s USB port, and about an hour and a half when you use the wall plug. It’s also possible to use a portable USB charger to extend the tracker’s battery life.

How do I know when my Vive Tracker is fully charged?

When VIVE Tracker (3.0) is fully charged, its status light either shows white when off or green when on. Tip: You can also use an HTC power adapter with the USB Type-C cable to charge VIVE Tracker (3.0).

How long do steam VR controllers take to charge?

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice Space-saving solution! The look and build of this stand is great! It looks nice on my desk while saving space and keeping my Index controllers charged and the charging speed seems to be pretty decent too. Roughly an hour to fully charge the controllers.

How do I know if my valve index controller is charged?

White means fully charged. Originally posted by JustJeff: White means fully charged. thank you!