Can Power Commander Be Used On Different Bikes



Can a Power Commander hurt a motorcycle?

Can A Power Commander Hurt A Motorcycle? Power Commanders can damage bikes, but it is unlikely. Power Commanders allow you to adjust the air to fuel ratio of your motorcycle, which means you could set this so that the bike runs too lean on fuel.

Can you put a Power Commander on a stock bike?

Registered. yes it’s worth the extra money especially if you get the ignition controller too. tuning a stock bike to run on 91 octane will always make power over stock.

Does Power Commander 5 marry to bike?

Registered. Power Commander is not “married” to a bike.

How much more power does a Power Commander give you?

The Power Commander is a tuning tool to adjust fuel, and on some models ignition timing. Just adding a Power Commander to a completely stock vehicle usually does not increase peak horsepower. It usually will improve drivability, throttle response, and mid-range horsepower and torque.

Does a Power Commander make a big difference?

this smooths out your power curve making power delivery better while gaining a few HP throughout the rev range, so in terms of making your bike run better, especially with an aftermarket slip on & filter, then yes it does make a difference.

Is Power Commander plug and play?

Featuring a plug-and-play kit, Power Commander V can be installed discreetly underneath your seat, ensuring your ride looks as good as it runs.

How do I reset my power commander?

To reset the throttle position click on “Power Commander Tools” and then select “Set Throttle Position. To reset both the closed and open throttle positions, first make sure that the bike is communicating to the computer, then click on “Reset”. Twist the throttle wide open and release. Now click OK.

Can you tune a motorcycle without a Power Commander?

Riding his own rideyes you need a powercommander for a dyno tune. That is what they tune that controls how much fuel is pumped into your engine. You also should install block off plates. It may help with some of the popping as well.

What is the purpose of a Power Commander on a motorcycle?

A Power Commander is a brand of fuel injection or ignition timing manufactured by Dynojet Research Inc. The Power Commander is used by motorcycles as a way of boosting their engine performance to a higher level of horsepower than a rider might get from the motorcycle’s stock engine performance.

How does the Power Commander work?

The Power Commander is a fuel injection and, on some models, an ignition timing adjustment unit that plugs ‘inline’ with the bike’s stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Changes are made to the bike’s fuel and ignition curves via the Power Commander’s onboard microprocessor.