Can Knives Be Shipped To New York



Why can’t knives be shipped to NY?

New York City has had some troubles with classifying tons of legal knives as gravity knives under a vague and antiquated law. It’s possible Amazon didn’t want to get in trouble with the city so it restricts shipping similar knives to the entire state.

Is it legal to ship knives?

Pocket and kitchen knives These knives are mailable. However, keep in mind that mailable knives must be cushioned and secured within the packaging. This would prevent any sharp edges from poking through the packaging. Make sure that there is no content shifting.

Can you mail knives in the mail?

USPS has a long list of shipping restrictions, but cutlery isn’t on there; it’s perfectly legal to ship knives with USPS. When we say “knives,” we’re actually talking about a wide variety of tools.

What knives are legal in NY?

On May 30, 2019, the New York State ban on gravity knives was repealed. As a result, the mere possession of a gravity knife is no longer a crime under the Penal Law. However, the mere possession of switchblades, pilum ballistic knives or metal knuckle knives still remains a misdemeanor under Penal Law § 265.01(1).

Are assisted knives legal in NY?

At this juncture Knife Rights must warn anyone living in New York State, or who visits or travels through New York State, that you risk arrest and jail if you carry an assisted-opening folding knife.

Can I ship knives via FedEx?

Can You Ship Knives Via FedEx or UPS? Yes. Most people believe that FedEx and UPS are even better options for shipping and mailing knives than USPS can ever be.

Can you send knives internationally?

If it is legal to own / ship in the US than it is legal for you to ship abroad. If the item is illegal in the destination country than it might be confiscated by customs but that is not your problem.

Can I send kitchen knives in the post?

Sharp objects like knives*, kitchen utensils and gardening tools may only be posted if they are packaged appropriately so that they are no risk to employees, other postal items or recipients. *Excludes knives that are banned under UK laws – see Weapons.

What size knife is legal to carry on a plane?

The TSA provides a list of constraints (must haves) and restraints (must not haves) for allowed edged blades: no more than 2.36 inches in length, 0.5 inches in width, with no blade lock and devoid of a molded handle. Those eased restrictions still have many in the EDC community scratching their collective heads.

Can you put a knife in your checked luggage?

Checked Bags: Yes Except for plastic or round bladed butter knives. Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.