Can I Wear Tactec Chest Rig With A Backpack



What do you carry in a chest rig?

“You will be weighed down with body armor, rations, extra ammumition, communications gear, and a thousand other things. The enemy will carry a rifle, or RPG, a shemagh, and a water bottle, if he is lucky.” One of the greatest advantages of a chest rig is its scalability.

Are chest rigs worth it?

The Bottom Line Chest rigs are a great option for carrying gear as long as you don’t try and load them down too much. I prefer to think of them as a “plus up” to other equipment like a battle belt.

Why use a chest rig instead of a plate carrier?

Chest rigs make your gear comfortable to carry and convenient to access. By way of comfort, chest rigs allow you to balance weight. Backpacks and sling bags are great for the grab and go scenario, however, your gear only goes in one place, which creates a natural imbalance.

How much does a chest rig weigh?

The weight of 660 gr / 1.45 lbs. is about standard for all chest rigs, and you won’t have a problem of it being too heavy when you fill up the included pouches (unless you load it up with too many additional MOLLE pouches).

What material are chest rigs made of?

Chest rigs are typically constructed from heavy-duty nylon fabric, more specifically 500D nylon.

What is a chest rig?

Chest rigs are a form of tactical gear storage that is mounted on the chest. These can be worn on top of a tactical vest, and sometimes come as a part of them. As we mentioned above one of the major benefits of chest rigs is that they allow you to carry a lot of tactical equipment, whilst keeping your hands free.

Is a plate carrier bulletproof?

Plate carriers are usually heavy and provide excellent bulletproof protection, while tactical vests are lightweight, making them ideal for fast missions. Both of these body armors also differ in several features, such as weight, MOLLE, and material. Let’s understand each armor below.

How long do plate carriers last?

How Long Will Body Armor Last? The National Institute of Justice sets a standard of five years’ service for body armor plates, although the plates’ true life depends upon how the plates and plate carrier have been used, maintained and stored.

What chest rig does the Marines use?

Description. The USMC Chest Rig incorporates external pouches for six M16/M4 magazines and two accessory equipment or pyrotechnics and three internal pouches. It can be worn stand-alone or with the fielded body armor systems.

What plate carrier do the Marines use?

The Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC) is a plate carrier used by the United States Marine Corps as an alternative to the heavier Modular Tactical Vest (MTV).