Can I Use Bettafix On Other Fish



Can you use Bettafix on goldfish?

This is helpful for goldfish and bettas. I am not certain of other tropical fish, who may have a better, easier way. Melafix/Bettafix does NOT treat fin rot! It is used for cuts and scrapes and not for bacterial issues.

Can I use Bettafix with shrimp?

API BETTAFIX fish remedy is completely safe with invertebrates such as snails and shrimps, and will not harm the biological filter or aquarium plants.

Is Bettafix safe for fish?

Bettafix is an antibacterial and anti-fungal remedy for treating various bacterial and fungal infections that often afflict betta fish. Bettafix usually comes in 1.7 ounces bottles, which should be more than enough to get rid of any bacterial or fungal infection on a betta fish (you can see more info on Amazon here).

What is the difference between Bettafix and Melafix?

Bettafix contains 0.2% Melaleuca. It is basically a diluted version of Melafix. Melafix has a stronger, unrefined tea tree oil concentration than Bettafix which makes it a good antifungal choice. The oil is refined out of Bettafix’s final product so that it doesn’t damage the fish’s internal organs.

Does Bettafix work for fin rot?

Conclusion. Melafix and Bettafix are notorious in the aquarium hobby for treating betta fish with the common disease known as fin rot. While they might be labeled as all-natural due to their tea tree oil content, it is said that these oils can cover the labyrinth organ, making breathing difficult for your betta fish.

Can I put aquarium salt in my betta tank?

As long as you’re not overdosing your tank, then aquarium salt is perfectly safe for bettas. While some people use aquarium salt to treat mild illnesses, other people add it to their tank as a general preventative. However, it’s important to remember that bettas don’t need aquarium salt.

What does betta fish water conditioner do?

API® BETTA WATER CONDITIONER is a multi-purpose water treatment that instantly makes tap water safe for Bettas by removing chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals, in addition to detoxifying ammonia.

Is Melafix safe for betta fish?

The Melafix is safe for delicate fish species, all marine fish and reef aquariums while the Bettafix was specifically formulated for Betta fish.

How long can you use Bettafix?

Use six drops per pint, 12 drops per quart or 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of betta bowl water. Repeat dose daily for up to seven days before making a water change. Treatment may be repeated if necessary.

What is betta fin rot?

What is fin rot? Fin rot is caused by bacteria eating away at your fish’s fins. Any healthy aquarium has bacteria in it — it’s what’s needed to break down waste. Betta fish develop fin rot when kept in water that’s not clean enough. Dirty water can lead to a build up of ammonia and burn the betta’s fins.