Can I Use A Foot Pod For Indoor Cycling

Does Garmin footpod work on treadmill?

Monitor your distance and cadence when indoors, such as on a treadmill or a track at the gym, or when out of GPS range with your wrist-worn device and this foot pod. Also provides distance and cadence data when used with the FR70 series.

Can you use Stryd for cycling?

This means it will connect and record to many bike computers as a cycling power meter would. However, it is not recommended to run with Stryd connected to bike computers as the exact details of compatibility have not been investigated. Stryd is not a viable source of cycling power when cycling.

How accurate is the Garmin footpod?

Out of the box, a Footpod is typically accurate to 90+% and after calibration this typically improves to 98-99%. This compares well with the accuracy of GPS which is 97-98%. However, a Footpod only gives you this accuracy on smooth surfaces where your stride is reasonably predictable.

Can the Garmin footpod be used for cycling?

A: No, none of the Garmin Edge cycling devices allow use of the foot pod, it’s considered a different ANT+ device profile and isn’t one you can pair to the Edge devices.

Is Garmin footpod discontinued?

Many runners still own the classic Garmin footpod, the latest version of which was only officially discontinued in 2019.

Can you use Stryd for cycling on Zwift?

Stryd is compatible with the Zwift app. When you pair Stryd to the Zwift app, the app will only use distance, pace, and cadence from Stryd. You will still be able to see your data in PowerCenter after the run by offline syncing your Stryd. Note that Zwift uses Bluetooth to connect to your Stryd.

Is Stryd pod waterproof?

Stryd is splash-proof and even IP67 compliant. However, you cannot use Stryd when running through puddles, streams and rivers. The reason is that water can be forced into the device since the pressure can be more than what Stryd is designed to handle. We recommend stepping around the stream if you are using Stryd.

Do you need a foot pod?

If your current pace is all over the place in the woods (due to weak GPS signal) then a foot pod would be an advantage as you can set the watch to take pace from the foot pod. In theory the watch would also cutover to “fill in” pace and distance.

What Foot POD works with Zwift?

While we support most Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ANT+ devices, the following devices have been confirmed to work with Zwift: The Zwift RunPod is one of the easiest ways to start running on Zwift—and is available directly in the Zwift Shop.

What is a Zwift run pod?

The Zwift RunPod gives runners who don’t already own a foot pod, a cost effective way to get into the game, without the need of expensive GPS watches or Pods. Our RunPod measures and broadcasts speed, cadence and distance.