Can I Take A Water Bottle Into Seaworld

Can you use refillable cups at SeaWorld?

99 refills – or, if you want to upgrade for $5.99, the refills become free for the whole day. In fact, you can even take these cups to any of the SeaWorld parks nationwide (Aquatica, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, SeaWorld San Diego), and they’ll work for refills there, too.

Can you get free water at SeaWorld?

over a year ago. water bottles allowed – and you can fill up for free. there are the same universal filling stations as well.

Does SeaWorld have popcorn buckets?

Buy a refillable popcorn bucket A similar program is available with the SeaWorld popcorn bucket. It costs just $4.79 and comes filled. If you want additional refills you can pay just $1.99. As with the refillable cup, you can have this refilled at parks across the country.

Can you bring water into SeaWorld San Diego?

No outside food, beverages, or coolers are allowed to be brought into SeaWorld San Diego, except you may bring a bottle of water or a refillable water bottle. Exceptions may be made for Guests with special dietary needs, including food allergies and baby food/formula.

Can I bring snacks into SeaWorld?

Bottles of water (one per person) and single-serve sized snacks (approx. 2oz or less) are allowed to be brought into the park. For your convenience, there are some areas available outside of the park adjacent to the entrance/exit plaza to sit and enjoy your meal.

Do you have to wear a mask at SeaWorld San Diego?

Will I be required to wear a face covering? Per the California Department of Public Health, face coverings are recommended for all guests when indoors.

How much are drinks at SeaWorld Orlando?

Beer at SeaWorld Orlando is $10.99 for a regular beer and $11.99 for a craft beer. An All Day Drinking pass was $15. You could purchase an All Day Drinking pass without purchasing an All Day Dining pass.

Does SeaWorld San Antonio have refillable cups?

If you don’t get an all-day dining pass, at least get a refillable cup souvenir cup to stay hydrated. You pay once and drink all day long. If you return to SeaWorld again during the season, you can use it again and pay a minimal fee for refills.

Can you share all day dining at SeaWorld?

The All Day Dining Deal can only be used by guests who purchased it. Sharing is not permitted, with the exception with toddler, 2 years-old and under.

Is reserved seating worth it at SeaWorld?

Yes! Especially on crowded days, which is almost every day. We went on a Monday and the crowd was relatively smaller, but didn’t have to rush and waste time holding good seats. Plus, the reserved sections guarantee a good view, which is crucial to getter my the best experience.