Can I Sterilize Avent Bottles In Boiling Water

Can I sterilize Philips Avent bottle?

Instructions to sterilize in boiling water If possible, clean with the Philips Avent bottle and nipple brush. Do not use corrosive or antibacterial cleaners, chemical solutions, or concentrated cleaners.

How often should you sterilize Avent bottles?

For extra germ removal, sanitize feeding items at least once daily. Sanitizing is particularly important when your baby is younger than 3 months, was born prematurely, or has a weakened immune system.

Can you steam sterilize Avent bottles?

Microwave sterilizer ready in just 2 minutes The microwave steam sterilizer can be used to sterilize baby bottles and other products in just 2 minutes, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

How long can I use Avent bottles?

A. You should change the nipple whenever you see a wear or tear or when the nipple changes color or in two months whichever is earlier. I think u r doing this right. Similarly you should change the bottle once in every six months or whenever you notice a discoloration whichever is the earliest.

How long should you boil bottles to sterilize?

The boiling method Make sure all air bubbles are out of the bottles and that they are fully submerged under the water. Bring the water to the boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Let the feeding equipment cool in the saucepan before taking it out.

What happens if I don’t sterilise baby bottles?

What happens if you don’t sterilise baby bottles? Not sterilising your baby’s bottles will allow bacteria to develop on the feeding equipment. This may lead to infections including diarrhoea and vomiting1.

Can you microwave sterilize Avent bottles?

The Philips Avent microwave steam sterilizer is a great choice for fast, effective sterilizing at home or away. Up to 4 Philips Avent bottles or products can be sterilized at once, with 99.9% of germs killed in just 2 minutes.

Can you sterilize Avent pacifier?

You can sterilize the Philips Avent pacifier by boiling it in water for 5 minutes. You can also sterilize certain Philips Avent pacifiers using the microwave.

Do you have to wash bottles before putting them in a sterilizer?

Before sterilising, you need to: Clean bottles, teats and other feeding equipment in hot, soapy water as soon as possible after feeds. Use a clean bottle brush to clean bottles (only use this brush for cleaning bottles), and a small teat brush to clean the inside of teats.

Can glass bottles be sterilized in Avent sterilizer?

Glass and plastic bottles can be sterilized. Takes just 100ml water and sterlizes 6 bottles in 10 mins.