Can I Send Not Legendary Fish Rdr2

Can you only send legendary fish to Jeremy Gill?

During the Fisher of Fish quest, when you have to catch thirteen legendary fish, you’ll have to send each one to the quest give, Jeremy Gill. They’re so big they can’t fit in your satchel. Instead, they’re carried in horse cargo. You might run into trouble when trying to send them to Gill.

How do you send fish in rdr2?

Gill will provide you with a map showing the approximate location of 13 Legendary Fish found throughout the world. Catch them and bring them to a Post Office where you can mail them to Gill for a reward.

Should you keep or throw back legendary fish?

It’s best to do it as you get them, as some fish are so big that you don’t have a place to store them, and if you lose the fish, you’ll have to catch it again.

What do you get for mailing legendary fish?

Rewards. 1 Legendary Fish Mailed – Lake Lure. 10 Legendary Fish Mailed – $45 and Succulent Fish Meat (X5).

What happens when you catch all legendary fish?

After catching all the Legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2, Jeremy Gill will send you an invitation where he will invite you for a final trip where you will need to catch a final mythical fish.

Where is the fish guy in rdr2?

You’ll find Jeremy on a dock at a location conveniently named Gill Point along the northern shore of Flat Iron Lake. He’s not too far from the gang’s second Camp location. He’s just to the west of the border between New Hanover and Lemoyne, northwest of Rhodes.

What happens to Jeremy Gill rdr2?

The player can also acquire Gill’s hat by killing him with dynamite and looting it prior to starting the mission. Indicated by his conversation with players, Gill had been facing accusations for being a fraud, thus he tried to prove himself by catching the Legendary Channel Catfish, which ultimately led to his death.

What happens if you sell legendary fish?

Sub idea: if you free the legendary fish in the water, you can catch it immediately again. if you sell it, you can catch it next year. Tbh i was thinking that the first one is better. 4 legendary fish a year shouldnt be a big deal, but if the dev wants to keep it restrictive, I think option 2 is a good compromise.

What if you abandoned your legendary animal?

You abandoned your Legendary Animal. Visit the nearest Fence and Trapper to access the quality parts and pelt for crafting. Visit any of those shopkeepers, and through what we assume is magic, they’ll have the Legendary items. They only appeared to have disappeared.

What happens if you lose a legendary pelt?

These animals are unique animals of a specific species and when killed they drop legendary pelts, these pelts are highly valuable and can be used to craft trappers and special clothing items. If you somehow lose the legendary pelt it will be transported to the Trapper so you will never miss this reward once you get it.