Can I Keep Puffer Fish With Guppies

What fish can live with a puffer?

Some tank mates to consider for your Pea Puffers are Neon Tetras, Kuhli Loaches, some Danios, and adult Cherry Shrimp. These tank mates should be able to get out of the way of the Pea Puffer, and also not stress out or injure them.

Can you put a pufferfish in a fish tank?

Because these fish tend to be more aggressive, it’s best to keep them in an aquarium by themselves with no other pufferfish. Though they rarely reach 2 inches, they need a large tank because they produce a lot of waste. We recommend an aquarium at least 32 inches long. Plenty of live, tall plants will also be required.

Can you put 2 puffer fish together?

As a territorial family, Puffers require space to call their own. Introducing more than one Puffer into a tank, especially a tank that is too small, is asking for problems. If two Puffers cannot establish clear territories, they will often fight.

Are pufferfish friendly?

The main problem with puffers is their behavior; they may look sweet, but many are surprisingly temperamental, while others like to bite chunks out of the fins of slow-moving tankmates. Some species are very tolerant and accommodating while young, but become much more solitary and aggressive as they mature.

Are puffers reef safe?

For puffers, choose either a Saddled, Canthigaster valentini, or a Blue spotted, Canthigaster solandri. Although dwarves, no puffers are truly reef safe in that they are capable of eating shrimp, crabs and snails, but they should be largely coral safe. Feed either puffer on Artemia, Krill, Mysis, cockle and mussel.

Can puffer fish bite?

Not venomous, mind you, they don’t bite or sting. But their bodies harbor a toxin up to 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide. Each year, dozens of adventurous human diners (and an untold number of underwater gourmands) are stricken with puffer fish poisoning.

Do puffer fish need saltwater?

Fact #1: Species Abound! There are more than 120 different species of puffer fish, said Kristin Claricoates, DVM at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital. The majority of them are marine-water fishes (read: require a salt water aquarium).

Can I keep one pea puffer?

Given how territorial pea puffers can be, many people have a lot of success keeping just one pea puffer in a five-gallon aquarium by itself. If you want to keep more than one, the general rule of thumb is to provide five gallons of water for the first puffer and three gallons of water for each additional puffer.

Can puffer fish live alone?

Keeping Freshwater Puffer Fish Together Puffer fishes are best kept alone. However, there are a few species that can be kept as a pair or small groups. Figure 8, South American, and the Ceylon puffer can all be kept in small groups.

Can puffer fish live with other puffer fish?

Some species, like Dwarf, Redeye and Golden Puffers, can be kept together or with other fast-moving fish like danios. Others, such as Mekong, Nile and Mbu Puffers, must be kept solitary. For the most part, freshwater puffers should be considered species tank fish.