Can I Keep African Leaf Fish With Goldfish

How fast do African leaves grow?

Size. The leopard bush fish is slow-growing and may take several years to reach an adult size which in the wild can easily reach 20 cm (8 in).

What do African leaf fish eat?

Unlike many commercially-available fish, the African leaf fish is almost exclusively carnivorous. This fish’s diet is further complicated by its high preference for live food items. Though it can be tempted to eat dead foods (such as frozen items), it is difficult and the food must be moving through the water column.

How long do leaf fish live?

Kept correctly, you can expect a good 8-9 years from a leaf fish, but be vigilant during that time.

How do you take care of African leaf fish?

To thrive, the South American Leaffish needs soft water and dim light. Floating plants can help to recreate the fish’s natural habitat and keep harsh light from filtering down.

How long do leopard bush fish live?

Also known as, “Spotted Climbing Perch,” “African Leaf Fish,” and “Leopard Ctenopoma.” Scientific name derives from the Latin word acutusmeaning “sharp” and rostrummeaning “snout.” Typically live 5-10 years.

Where do leaf fish live?

leaf fish, any of about 10 species of fishes in the family Nandidae (order Perciformes). All live in fresh water, although some species may enter brackish water. Their geographic distribution is circumtropical, including the Amazon River basin, western Africa, India, southeastern Asia, and the Malay Archipelago.

What do Amazon leaf fish eat?

The Amazon leaffish is highly predatory, feeding on small invertebrates (aquatic insects like mayfly nymphs and crustaceans like shrimp) and fish (especially Characids and Lebiasinids). Small Amazon leaffish mostly feed on invertebrates, while larger individuals mainly feed on fish.

What do you feed leopard bush fish?

In the wild, leopard bush fish will eat any fish or insect they come across small enough to fit into their mouths. In the aquarium, though, they will readily learn to accept dead alternatives such as bloodworms (chironomid midge larvae) and some sinking pellets.

What size tank does a leopard bush fish need?

The Leopard bush fish should be kept in a tank of 55 gallons or larger. The tank should have plenty of live rocks for them to graze on and plenty of places to hide. They prefer a sandy substrate and one that is not too deep as they spend most of their time on top of it and at its bottom.

Can leopard bush fish live with cichlids?

The tank mates can be fishes of the similar size which require the same tank conditions. These can be angelfish (or another cichlids) that are quite common dwellers in amateur tanks, swordtails and other fishes which size is large enough, so they won’t be swallowed by a ctenopoma.