Can I Increase Backpack Space In Moonlighter

How do you upgrade your shop in Moonlighter?

In the center of town is a plaza with a billboard at its center. By checking it, you’ll have access to all the various upgrades for your shop. Like town upgrades, shop upgrades are unlocked by completing dungeons. The first level of each type of upgrade will cost you over 24,000 gold.

How do you get eggs in Moonlighter?

To get them, you need to kill a particular enemy type 10 times. Then, a special Egg will appear! After 3 days, the egg will hatch inside your farm – and your new friend is going to be ready for action! Each familiar has different mechanics.

Are there thieves in Moonlighter?

You can help Moonlighter Wiki by expanding it. Thieves will only begin appearing after the purchase of the first shop upgrade. They will occasionally enter the store and wander around. After a little while, they will pick up an item and make a mad rush for the door.

What does Moonlighter DLC add?

The DLC enlarges the main experience by filling current dungeons with new creatures, populating all-new Interdimensional Dungeon with mini-bosses, swarming the adventure with new weapons, armory, shop items, and rings.

How do showcases work in Moonlighter?

Showcases allow you to sell items at approximately double their normal value to Rich customers, has a chance to increase an item’s popularity by 1 when a customer considers purchasing it, and will also prevent thieves from stealing whatever they hold.

What does the shop assistant do in Moonlighter?

The shop assistant comes in with the third shop upgrade and will help catch thieves, but only if she’s by them (otherwise, she has collision that can actually block you), or you can have her run the shop and sell some items, but she’ll get 30% of the profits. The game does not necessarily need her.

What is Moonlight hawker?

The Hawker, run by Alan, is one of the shops that can be built in the city at the Town Board. He sells decorations that you can place in your shop to get bonuses / modifiers.

How do you get mimic companion in Moonlighter?

To acquire one, players must kill 5 Wood Mimics, 5 Iron Mimics, and 5 Gold Mimics. It grants the Mimic Familiar after hatching at the farm.

What is the best armor in Moonlighter?

1 Composite Armour The Composite Armour was added into Moonlighter as a result of the Between Dimensions DLC, and is the strongest armour in the game, providing more health and protection than any other set. Each piece of armour costs a massive 456,000 Gold to buy, totalling over 1.3 million Gold.

What do pets do in Moonlighter?

Familiars are stored in the special Farm found east of The Moonlighter, and are infinitely reusable. Interacting with the sign in front of the farm allows the player to view and equip familiars. There are a total of 15 familiars players can acquire.