Can I Give My Dog Sentinel And Simparica

What flea medicine can I use with Sentinel?

Advantage II (a topical) can be used in conjunction with Sentinel or just as needed with pets in populations or exposed to populations with high flea counts. This product is still working on adult fleas (kills the adult fleas only). This is an over-the-counter product.

Can I give my dog Sentinel and Nexgard at the same time?

Dogs – you should consider one of the following combinations: Our Veterinarian’s Top Choice: Sentinel + Nexgard: Sentinel (oral chew) monthly for heartworms, intestinal hook, round and whipworms, and flea eggs + Nexgard (orally) monthly for adult fleas and adult ticks (give the medications on separate days).

Can I use Simparica and Seresto together?

Hello and thank you for reaching out to PetCoach. No, your dog should not get sick from these medications combined. While they are not needed together, they do not interact negatively, so Mario should be just fine!

Can you use oral and topical flea treatment together?

These products also begin to kill fleas quickly and provide ongoing prevention, and do not usually require the concurrent use of a topical medication. If a topical flea preventative fails, most oral products can be safely used concurrently.

Does Simparica prevent heartworm?

Monthly Simparica Trio prevents heartworm disease, kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, the treatment and control of tick infestations, and the treatment and control of roundworm and hookworm infections in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age and older, and weighing 2.8 …

Can I use two different flea treatments?

Never use multiple flea medications on your pet, unless directed to do so by your veterinarian. Fleas can be a very frustrating problem, and some medications may not produce immediate effects.

Can you use Sentinel and Seresto together?

Use a combination of products such as Sentinel Spectrum and Seresto collar combined on each dog, and Revolution on each cat. Treat your house. Foggers and sprays are an effective way to control fleas indoors. Most experts recommend sprays, because foggers can miss crevices where fleas hide.

Can you use revolution and Seresto together?

The Seresto collar, however, does not protect against heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, or ear mites like Revolution does, and you can safely use these in conjunction with each other.

Can you use Sentinel and Revolution together?

Each formula is safe for use in lactating, pregnant, or breeding dogs. They are also both safe for use in puppies (ages 4 weeks and up for Sentinel and 6 weeks and up for Revolution).

Can you combine oral and topical tick treatment?

For example, it is not safe to use more than one spot-on flea and tick medication during the time that the product is still active more than one oral flea and tick medication, or more than one product that contains heartworm medication at the same time.