Can I Fish In Mexico And Drive It Across Border

Can you cross fish from Mexico to US?

Only commercial fish (fish being brought back to sell has any limit, or taxes). You as a US citizen, are allowed to bring back any amount of fish you have caught legally that is for personal use! You may also buy as much fish as you want in Mexico and legally bring it back for personal use.

Can you cross fish across the border?

Depending on the species you bring back, you might need a permit from the country where the animal was harvested. Regardless of the species, you are required to fill out a Fish and Wildlife Form 3-177, Declaration for Importation or Exportation. You can also call (301) 851-3300, option 4.

Can you take fish home from Mexico?

A: Yes, as long as it’s well-frozen and in a leak-proof container. The amount you can bring back will be subject to the airline restrictions – check with your airline for complete baggage information to see how much it will cost you to bring it back with you.

Can I take shrimp from Mexico to USA?

Fish. Bringing fish back to the U.S. is decidedly easier, though it’s not without limitations. Customs allows “personal amounts” of fish, shrimp, abalone, and other seafood to be brought in nearly any form — fresh, frozen, dried, smoked, canned, or cooked.

Can I bring shrimp back from Mexico?

So unless there is a current U.S. ban on bringing shrimp into the U.S., there are no restrictions for bringing shrimp for personal consumption back to the U.S. from Mexico.

What can you bring across the border from Mexico?

When crossing by land, you are allowed to take your personal belongings and $300 worth of merchandise, duty free. People over the age of 18 may bring three liters of liquor or beer and up to six liters of wine. For more details, see our Mexican Customs section.

What foods are not allowed to cross the US border?

Meat, milk, egg, poultry, and their products, including products made with these materials are either prohibited or restricted from entering the United State.

What do I need to fish in Mexico?

The regulation states that a current passport is required for any travel into Mexico or to fish within 12 miles of the Mexican coastline. Anglers must have a passport to acquire a visa or FMM that allows them to fish within 12 miles of the coastline.

Can I bring fish back to USA?

US Customs and Border Patrol does require you to declare that you are bringing food/meat into the country, but they have no problem with you bringing back fish for personal use as long as it’s not an endangered species of course!

Can you ship fish back from Mexico?

As long as your fish are thoroughly frozen, it is not necessary to add ice. Most airlines have a 44 pound restriction on what you can bring back but you can bring more as long as you are willing to pay the $1 per pound excess baggage fee.