Can I Add Live Rock After Fish

Can I add more live rock to established tank?

Even if you purchase cured live rock—meaning most of the die-off of encrusting organisms has been allowed to occur under controlled conditions at the live rock operator’s facility—it’s still best to avoid placing it directly in your established system.

Does live rock instantly cycle tank?

Yea. As long as the live rock is transported in temp controlled water, there shouldn’t be any die of the bacteria. Some people keep some rock in their sump and will use that when setting up a QT tank to have it ready to go for a sick or incoming fish. I use bio-spira for instant cycle in QT tank.

Does live rock need to be acclimated?

Both live rock and live sand need to undergo an acclimation/curing process before being placed in a tank with fish, invertebrates or coral. There are many processes for finishing the curing process for live rock.

Can you make your own live rock?

To make your own live rock you need to purchase two bags of aragonite sand (one fine, one coarse) and one bag of Portland cement. To begin, mix six parts aragonite sand with one part Portland cement to create a mixture called aragocrete – this mixture will form the base of your live rock.

How do you know if live rock is healthy?

If it smells like the ocean or a jetty at low tide your good to go, if it smells strongly like rotten fish it will need to be cured. The more scientific approach is to place your new live rocks in a container of salt water for 12-24 hours, then test for ammonia.

Does live sand cycle your tank?

If using live rock or sand, you only need a little bit to seed the aquarium with bacteria. It is perfectly suitable to fill your tank with DRY rock and sand then add a small piece of LIVE rock or a small scoop of sand to introduce the bacteria.

Do corals need a cycled tank?

It is not necessary to cycle your reef tank before adding corals. Corals have a low bioload and do not produce a lot of ammonia. However, it is better to cycle your tank first because the water parameters will be more stable. Stable water conditions are essential to grow corals.

Can you rinse live rock with freshwater?

Don’t use freshwater to clean the LR if you wish to keep pods alive. Keep it in a tub of saltwater with skimmer, inspect and manually remove anything you do not want in your DT. You may miss a few unwanted creatures but more beneficial features can make it as well. Scrubbing removes debris, sponges, algaes, etc.

Can you rinse live rock with tap water?

Your fine imo. I scrub my rock in old tank water with peroxide and rinse with the hose in an other bucket. The tap water tds here is a bout a billion and smells like bleach. I use another bucket of old tank water and let it rest with a power head though and add bacteria.

How long can you leave live rock out of water?

Bottom line is that stuff out of water starts to die straight away, bacteria for instance. Not only should you not keep them in water, but make sure to keep them in a bucket for no less than 1 day.