Can Green Lantern Time Travel

Can the Green Lantern make Kryptonite?

Even in the modern age of DC Comics, Green Lantern rings were capable of producing Kryptonite energy, although there were some caveats.

Who flies faster Superman or Green Lantern?

The correct answer is Superman is the slowest. Green Lantern can will himself to fly as fast a Flash travels. This will burn his charge up but there is no way Superman can keep up with these two.

Does Green Lantern live forever?

It has been reported that the average life span of a Green Lantern is four years, three months, one day, thirteen hours, and seven minutes. Despite these grim statistics, the Green Lantern Corps has endured for countless millennium.

Which Lantern color is the strongest?

Blue Lantern Corps It is the most powerful color but also the most difficult to master and needs Green nearby to reach its full potential. Blue can, however, drain Yellow rings of their power and suppress Red and Orange.

Can Batman beat Green Lantern?

With prep time, Batman would win. Batman is essentially the god of prep time. But with no prep time, Green lantern would win. Batman is a normal human with a few human gadgets while Green lantern is in possession of a super powerful ring that can create energy constructs.

How Fast Is Hawk man?

After bonding with Nth metal, Katar Hol’s wings grew back. Hawkman can fly at speeds of over 200 mph!

Can the Flash run faster than Superman can fly?

He is easily one of the fastest characters in the DC universe. In many cases when Superman’s speed is mentioned, it is compared to the character Flash. Superman can fly faster than Flash can run. Flash is typically faster than Superman when running, although on occasions when motivated, Superman can beat him.

Do Green Lanterns eat?

In Green Lantern #69, Hal Jordan uses his ring to manifest a “Super Aspirin” painkiller which he ingests (and presumably concentrates on until it takes effect inside his body). This indicates that Green Lantern constructs can mimic the chemical compositions of drugs that affect the body like the real thing.

Do Green Lanterns get paid?

No, they are provided a roof and food on Oa and the ring can give sustenance when on missions so they don’t need to eat. If they want money they have to get it off duty and without using the ring like Hal being a test pilot or Kyle selling his art.

Is Green Lantern stronger than Superman?

Who is stronger Superman or Green Lantern? Superman towers him in physical strength and speed, But Green Lantern can overpower in abilities, intellect and combat. Combine with knowledge of kryptonite, Green Lantern wins.