Can Dog Take Sentinel And Where Flee Collar



Can a dog wear a flea collar and take flea medicine?

Some flea collars, like Preventic, are generally safe to combine individually with one of the following: Frontline Plus, Revolution, Pet Armor, Frontline Top Spot or Farnam Bio Spot, K9 Advantix II, Advantage II, Trifexis, Interceptor, Certifect, or Advantage Multi.

Can you use spot on and flea collar at the same time?

Don’t apply a Spot On Product whilst the cat or dog has a collar on – never mix products! Always remove the collar before applying a Spot On. Wait until the Spot On application site has dried up before you put the collar back on.

Can I give my dog Sentinel and Frontline at the same time?

Yes you can give your dog Sentinel and a Frontlline spot-on between the shoulder blades or use Frontline spray at the same time. Sentinel will stop the development of flea eggs but will not kill adult fleas which Frontline does.

Can a dog wear a Seresto collar and take Nexgard?

Yes a Seresto collar and Nexgard can be used together, however both Nexgard and Seresto are highly effective against fleas and ticks and therefore it is not necessary to double up. You can just as effectively use either on its own.

Can you use Frontline and Seresto collar together?

Yes, absolutely you can use both, but since the collar lasts 8 months, remove it for a week after you reapply the Frontline Plus. Then you can safely put the collar back on.

Can I use two different flea treatments?

Never use multiple flea medications on your pet, unless directed to do so by your veterinarian. Fleas can be a very frustrating problem, and some medications may not produce immediate effects.

Why does my dog keep getting fleas even after treatment?

Not treating often enough Fleas go through a life cycle of egg, larvae, pupae and adult. Most flea treatments just kill adult fleas, but fleas can continue to emerge for months after you think an infestation has ended. When a newly emerged female flea finds a host, she can lay eggs within one day.

Can you combine oral and topical flea treatment?

These products also begin to kill fleas quickly and provide ongoing prevention, and do not usually require the concurrent use of a topical medication. If a topical flea preventative fails, most oral products can be safely used concurrently.

What flea medicine can I use with Sentinel?

Advantage II (a topical) can be used in conjunction with Sentinel or just as needed with pets in populations or exposed to populations with high flea counts. This product is still working on adult fleas (kills the adult fleas only). This is an over-the-counter product.

Can NexGard and Heartgard be given on the same day?

One of the new products we recommend is NexGard, from the makers of Frontline. It is a once a month, ORAL, flea and tick prevention for dogs. No more sticky, smelly topicalls. It can be given at the same time as their monthly Heartgard- ONCE-a- MONTH!