Can Cytopoint Cause Alopecia In Dogs



What side effects does CYTOPOINT have?

The most commonly reported side effects were vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. Other noted side effects were anorexia, pain on injection, hair loss, increased itch, rash, and swelling. These side effects are in alignment with the European Medicines Agency’s product information on Cytopoint.

Does CYTOPOINT have long term side effects?

CYTOPOINT® was shown to have minimal side effects when administered to laboratory Beagles at up to 10 times the label dose (10 mg/kg) monthly for 7 months. No treatment effects on clinical observations or clinical pathology were identified.

Is CYTOPOINT safe for dogs long term?

CYTOPOINT is a safe choice for virtually every dog.

Which is safer Apoquel or Cytopoint?

In general, Cytopoint® has fewer potential for side effects than Apoquel®, and that is often a reason to select it as a first choice therapy. However, neither Cytopoint® nor Apoquel® are effective in every dog.

Can Cytopoint cause kidney failure?

CYTOPOINT is safe to use in dogs of any age. It can also be used in combination with many other commonly used medications, and in dogs with other diseases. 6 Because CYTOPOINT is a protein and not a chemical, it is naturally broken down and recycled by the body, so it does not put pressure on the liver and kidneys.

Does Cytopoint become less effective over time?

There have previously been a few reported cases showing a decreased response with additional Cytopoint injections. Some dogs can start developing neutralising antibodies to Cytopoint, thereby making it less effective.

Is Cytopoint a steroid?

Cytopoint® remains in circulation for several weeks. Safe to give dogs of all ages. This is not a steroid or immunosuppressant. Given subcutaneously in accordance to body weight.

Was Cytopoint discontinued?

We discontinued the drug; fortunately, what is now Cytopoint was newly available and we started that with success.

What is a natural alternative to Apoquel?

Yucca and quercetin are also great natural alternatives to Apoquel. Yucca has an effect similar to steroid drugs without the harmful side effects. Quercetin is a plant derivative that acts as a natural antihistamine and is a great option for dogs whose itching is reduced by Benadryl.

How often can my dog get a Cytopoint shot?

CYTOPOINT aids in the reduction of clinical signs associated with atopic dermatitis in dogs. *Repeat administration every 4 to 8 weeks as needed in the individual patient. doing the things you love again.