Can Cryotherapy Affect Menstrual Cycle



What does cryotherapy do to your VAG?

Cryosurgery is a procedure that uses freezing gas (liquid nitrogen) to destroy precancerous cells on the cervix. The cervix, the lowest part of the womb or uterus, opens into the vagina. When these unhealthy cells are destroyed, the body can replace them with new, healthy cells.

Can you have cryotherapy while on period?

The cells destroyed by freezing are shed afterwards in a heavy watery discharge. Cryotherapy cannot be carried out if you are having a period or you are pregnant.

How long does it take for cervix to heal after cryotherapy?

Patients are free to resume everyday activities like driving and physical activities right after their procedure. They should not need pain medication unless a complication develops as a result of their treatment. It takes somewhere between two to three weeks for the vagina to heal from the procedure.

What are side effects of cryotherapy?

The most common side effects of any type of cryotherapy are numbness, tingling, redness, and irritation of the skin. These side effects are almost always temporary. Make an appointment with your doctor if they don’t resolve within 24 hours.

How long will I have discharge after cryotherapy?

Your Recovery After the procedure, you may have mild cramps for several hours. You may also have a watery vaginal discharge for up to 12 hours. After that, the watery discharge may turn yellow. It can last for 2 to 3 weeks.

Is bleeding after cryotherapy normal?

You may have some bleeding for 24 hours after cryotherapy. Then you may have spotting up to 2 weeks afterwards.

Does cryotherapy help with menstrual cramps?

Cryotherapy was effective in reducing pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea, with indication of clinical improvement in daily living activities.

Can I do cryotherapy with a tampon?

Preprocedure: Nothing in the vagina for 24 hours prior to the procedure, including sexual activity, douching, tampons, or vaginal medications. Take 600 milligrams of ibuprofen or 2 Aleve tablets 30 minutes before the procedure.

Does cryotherapy get rid of HPV?

It is important to note that cryosurgery, or cryotherapy, does not cure the underlying HPV infection. Currently, no treatment can do so. Warts may heal and regrow. In other cases, the body may rid itself of the virus by destroying any remaining HPV cells after wart removal.

What happens when they freeze your cervix?

Cryotherapy removes abnormal cells from your cervix. It’s also used to remove warts and other growths on other parts of the body. It’s done by putting a very cold chemical on the cells to freeze them and then remove them. This gets rid of the bad cells so new, normal cells can grow back in the same spot.