Can Cory Catfish Poison Other Fish



Can cory catfish live with other fish?

Cory Catfish tank mates include most community tank fish as long as they are non-aggressive and friendly in nature. Otocinclus Catfish, Tetras, Swordtails and of course other Corys can be a good fit.

Can you put goldfish with cory catfish?

Cory catfish generally aren’t a good idea for goldfish tanks because they’re small enough to fit into a goldfish’s mouth and often have spines in their fins.

Can you put a betta fish with cory catfish?

As you can see Corydoras catfish and bettas make great tank mates. While bettas will stay at the top of your tank, for the most part, Corydoras’ will stick to the bottom. Here are some of the main points to remember when introducing Corydoras’ to bettas. Corydoras’ need a pH between 7.0-7.8 and bettas need a pH of 7.

Is 2 cory catfish enough?

Is 2 Cory Catfish Enough? Well, two Cory catfish is not enough. Since these are schooling fishes, they prefer to stay in groups. They can survive in an aquarium easily even if you keep only two of them together.

How many cory fish should be kept together?

As a relatively small fish, they crave safety in numbers, so a group of six corydoras or more (all of the same species) is highly suggested. These peaceful bottom dwellers can be kept with pretty much any community fish that won’t eat or attack them.

Can corydoras live with guppies?

Cory Catfish You can keep Cory Catfish with guppies but also other freshwater species because they get along with just about any other freshwater species.

Can corys live in cold water?

There are dozens of species of corydoras, several of which are cold water fish, but the panda cory is the most commonly available one that tolerates lower temperatures. They can survive a range from 65° to 80°.

Can you keep a single Corydora?

No, you can’t have a single cory catfish. Cory catfish are schooling fish and thus, feel happier with other corys around. A single cory catfish will feel lonely and stressed.

Can neon tetras live with cory catfish?

Their size makes them appropriate for tanks of at least 10 gallons. Apart from the neon tetras, they will go well together with some other peaceful fish, like guppies, corydoras, and killifish.

How big do Panda corys get?

Panda corys have three sets of paired barbels, as well as several sharp barbs that serve as a defense mechanism. One barb is located under each eye, another in front of the dorsal fin, and another on the adipose fin. Adults can grow up to two inches in length, but quite often they remain smaller.