Can Cimexa Cause Health Problems



Can CimeXa cause silicosis?

Can CimeXa cause silicosis? CimeXa is an insecticide dust which is used to treat bed bugs and fleas. It is made up of a high level of synthetic non-crystalline silica. Non-crystalline silica dust does not cause silicosis.

Can I put CimeXa on my bed?

Answer: CimeXa Insecticide Dust is not labeled for application to bedding at all and should not be applied directly to bed sheets. Per the product label, for bed bug treatment: “Remove bedding and take the bed apart. Treat the interior framework, joints and cracks in the bed frame.

How long does it take for CimeXa Dust to settle?

We would recommend keeping children and/or individuals out of the area until the Cimexa Dust settles completely. This could be 1-2 hours depending on how much was used.

Can CimeXa alone get rid of bed bugs?

I am a firm believer that Cimexa ALONE if used correctly and over time, will completely rid you of your bed bug problem.

Can you vacuum CimeXa?

If you have applied CimeXa Dust to your carpet, you can sweep the product in and then vacuum immediately after. Sweeping in the product will allow it to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and vacumming only removes the excess that may be left closer to the surface.

How do you put CimeXa on a mattress?

Answer: Per the CimeXa Dust product label, “Remove bedding and take the bed apart. Treat the interior framework, joints and cracks in the bed frame. Treat the mattress and box spring, paying particular attention to tufts, folds and edges, and the interior framework of the box spring.

Is CimeXa safe?

Like Diatomaceous Earth, CimeXa is also a desiccant, (non-poison treatments that kill bugs by adhering to their exoskeleton and dehydrating them.) They are both safe for humans (and pets) but kill bugs by desiccation. The product clings to its exoskeleton and absorbs the waxy coating, causing death from dehydration.

How do you clean CimeXa?

To remove Cimexa Dust, you can simply vaccum the area and then rinse with soap and water. You should launder any fabrics that you think may have gotten the dust on them. Be sure to wear gloves while cleaning.

How do you use CimeXa dust for bed bugs?

You can apply a dust such as Cimexa dust into wall voids, electrical outlets, and switch plates. This will help kill any bedbugs that make their way through the walls. We also recommend thoroughly inspecting your mattress and headboards and bed frame frequently for any signs of bedbugs.

How do you use CimeXa on carpet?

CimeXa Insecticide Dust can be applied over carpets for Carpet Beetles. Lightly sprinkle over carpets sweep or rake in and then vacuum.