Can Chinese Water Dragons Live With Fish



Do Chinese water dragons like to be held?

Chinese water dragons are among one of the friendliest lizards out there—friendlier even than iguanas. They enjoy being handled and actually require regular handling to prevent them from becoming aggressive. If a Chinese water dragon feels threatened or is scared, it may lash out by biting and whipping its tail.

Can you put 2 water dragons together?

Knowing the sex of your water dragon is important if you want to keep more than one in the same enclosure. Two mature males will fight, and these fights can often result in serious injury or even death. Two female dragons usually get along but they, too, can become territorial.

Do Chinese water dragons love their owners?

Behavior. Chinese water dragons can be aggressive towards both males and females of their species. The good news is that Chinese water dragons are known for being friendly with humans.

Can you tame a water dragon?

The Australian water dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) is a reptile that easily adapts to the presence of humans. Docile and easy to tame, these lizards make excellent pets for even novice enthusiasts.

Do Chinese water dragon bites hurt?

In general, Chinese water dragons bite very rarely. Chinese water dragons might bite when they are very stressed or hurting, and when you don’t react to warning signs (tail whip, scratching), but only with moderate force.

Do water dragons get lonely?

Housing the Chinese Water Dragon Unless you know your dragons are accurately sexed, you may be better off with just one, although it may be lonely. A male and female pair will likely get along, while two males and even two females may display aggression unless given lots of space in a very large enclosure.

Can a water dragon live with a bearded dragon?

Verdict: Housing two or more Chinese water dragons is possible, while bearded dragons should live on their own. But remember, that if you house 2 or 3 Chinese water dragons together, you need to add another foot of length to each side of the enclosure for each.

Can Chinese water dragons lay eggs without a male?

Miller: Female Asian water dragons can reproduce sexually or asexually—with or without a male. This is called facultative parthenogenesis, and it comes in handy when an animal is trying to repopulate an area and cannot find a mate.

What do water dragons eat?

Water dragons eat variety of whole prey, including insects and occasional frozen and thawed pinkie or fuzzy mice or small common goldfish, plus smaller amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit.

What is the lifespan of a Chinese water dragon?

They also have brown and green banded tails, large eyes and short snouts. Water dragons can live for 10 to 15 years.