Can Advantage Multi Make My Dog Sick



Is Advantage Multi safe for dogs?

The safe use of Advantage Multi for Dogs has not been established in puppies and dogs less than 7 weeks of age or less than 3 lbs. body weight. Prior to administration of Advantage Multi for Dogs, dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infection.

What are the side effects of Advantage flea medication?

Ingestion of this product by dogs may cause serious adverse reactions including depression, salivation, dilated pupils, incoordination, panting, and generalized muscle tremors.

How long do side effects of Advantage Multi last?

This long-acting medication is designed to last for at least 4 weeks. However, negative side effects are usually short lived if they occur at all. In dogs, even when the medication is accidentally ingested, side effects should not last more than 24 hours in a healthy animal.

What are the side effects of Advantage Multi?

The following side effects have been reported with the use of Advantage MultiĀ® Topical Solution: temporary hairloss and slight inflammation or scabs at or near the application site, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, lethargy, and itchiness. Ensure that the dog does not ingest the product.

How soon can you bathe a dog after Advantage Multi?

A dog using Bayer’s Advantage Multi can be bathed 90 minutes after applying the medication. Pet Armour Plus recommends waiting 12 hours after administration before you give your dog a bath.

Can flea treatment make my dog sick?

When used as directed, such products are safe and effective. However, dogs and cats can easily become sick if too much or the wrong flea product is applied, or the product is ingested post-application. Ingestion occurs if the dog or cat licks the treated area.

Can dogs have a reaction to flea treatment?

Some dogs are sensitive to such topical medications and can develop allergies to these products. Another form of flea treatment is an ingestible pill. If you give your dog one of these treatments and then he develops allergy-like symptoms or begins to act abnormally in any way, contact your veterinarian.

Is Advantage Multi effective?

Advantage MultiĀ® not only is 100% effective against the prevention of heartworm disease but is also highly effective in the treatment and control of intestinal parasites such as hookworms and roundworms.

Can my dog sleep with me after flea treatment?

You can handle, stroke and cuddle your pet as usual as soon as the application site is dry. In the meantime treated animals should not be handled and children should not be allowed to play or sleep with them.

What’s the difference between Advantage II and Advantage Multi?

Advantage Multi contains Moxidectin. This ingredient prevents heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and ear mites. Advantage II uses Pyriproxyfen to kill flea larvae and eggs, prevent heartworms, and treat lice. Advantage Multi requires a prescription, while Advantage II is an over-the-counter product.