Can A Pandacatfish Live With A Betta Fish



Will my catfish eat my betta fish?

Glass Catfish Temperament If they’re too aggressive, they may start nipping your betta or in some cases attack him. Obviously, this isn’t what you want to happen in your tank. Because it can often result in one or all of the fish becoming stressed and eventually dying.

How big do Panda corys get?

Panda corys have three sets of paired barbels, as well as several sharp barbs that serve as a defense mechanism. One barb is located under each eye, another in front of the dorsal fin, and another on the adipose fin. Adults can grow up to two inches in length, but quite often they remain smaller.

Can I put a snail with my betta?

Snails are great little guys to put in with bettas. The fish probably won’t even realise they’re there. Make sure they aren’t too little or the betta may attempt to eat them. That said, there’s a few types of aquarium snails that’ll go great with your betta!

Is 4 panda corys enough?

Panda corys enjoy the company of their own species and should, therefore, always be kept in small groups, ideally of six or more but definitely at least four.

Are panda corys rare?

The Panda Cory is rare in the wild, but no longer endangered since they are now successfully bred in captivity. Regardless, you’re not likely to see a Panda Corydoras on your next trip to Peru.

Are panda corys good for beginners?

The small and playful panda cory might be just what you’re looking for. This active bottom-dweller is sure to brighten up any fish tank; undemanding and peaceful, even beginners will be able to keep this species!

Do betta fish get lonely?

Do They Get Lonely? Betta fish are naturally territorial and should not be housed with any other betta fish because they will fight and injure each other, often resulting in death. They are unlikely to get lonely in their tank; however, if they are in a small tank, they may get bored.

Do bettas get attached to their owners?

Over time, betta fish might even form an emotional bond with their owners. You’ll know a betta has bonded with you when it swims faster or becomes interested when you’re near its tank. Sometimes, you might even notice it staring at you or following you around.

What do bettas like in their tank?

Since bettas are territorial and do not play friendly with other similar types of fish, you can help entertain your betta fish with toys, plants, and other aquarium-friendly items. Bettas love lounging on leaves, hiding behind logs, and even playing with balls!

Will a betta eat shrimp?

Any fish that can eat your cherry shrimp is going to. To limit this as much as possible try to buy the biggest shrimp in the shop, and avoid males. However, if you know your betta has a good temperament or you’ve kept shrimp in the past with him, then the chances are your cherry shrimp will be fine!